Wednesday, December 8, 2021

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Keep My Soul Sealed Shut: A Gay Psychological Thriller by Patrick J. Kane


Your baggage can’t stay buried forever.

Jax and Luca are a seemingly happy couple looking to make the next step and move back to small town Bonnie Creek, Arizona. It’s a quaint, charming little place; perfect for a pair looking to start fresh. But that dream is quickly shattered when they hear a bump in the night—something truly sinister.

What starts out as an innocent investigation unravels into a hell-raising discovery that will alter Jax and Luca’s relationship forever. Once they walk down that hallway... lines will be crossed, and the past will be unearthed.

Keep My Soul Sealed Shut is a terrifying psychological thriller that will make you squirm, shiver in your skin, and question how much you really know about the person sleeping next to you.

Let the mind games begin.

Momma Says: 2 stars⭐⭐

Keep My Soul Sealed Shut - isn't that a terrific title? And it has a terrific cover to match. Sadly, that was the best of it for me. The book is a novella, easily read in about an hour, so I was surprised at the slow start. To be honest, I even wondered once or twice if I was reading the right book because I expected so much more than I found. With words like sinister, psychological thriller, mind games, etc. in the blurb, I really expected Kane to throw some big twists my way. There are a couple, but I had already guessed some of it, and the ending was a head-scratcher. Here's the thing, this book had so much potential. Kane's writing is good - a little choppy at times, but not bad - and where he went with this one made for an intriguing premise. I just didn't get that tension I look for in a thriller, and I didn't get any chemistry between Jax and Luca. Maybe I needed some backstory for them, but they didn't feel like a couple to me. Whatever the reason, I really struggled with this one, and since it was a quick read, I even went back and read through again to see if maybe my mind wasn't all in the first time. I felt the same the second time around. So, I guess it's safe to say that this book was not for me.

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