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Blurb Blitz: For Better & For Worse by Quint Emm Ellis

For Better & For Worse

by Quint Emm Ellis


GENRE:   Christian Romance



These ex-lovebirds are busy building a nest for one. But can she be convinced to make room for him, too?

Despite attending the same congregation and university, Ashe and Stephen's circles had never seemed to cross.

One class project changed everything...for the better; until secrecy and youthful indiscretion pulled them apart.

Will an unexpectant reunion in their adult years allow Ashe and Stephen to rewrite a history riddled with regret and heartbreaking choices?



“It’s open, Dear. Come on in. We’re all in the backyard,” she heard an unfamiliar woman’s voice say over the doorbell’s integrated camera and intercom system.

“Oh,” she responded, bending down a bit to look into the camera as she resettled the pan in both hands. Unsure if the ghost that’d just occupied the device was still there, she decided to err on the side of caution and manners. “Thank you.”

Rebalancing her offering on one hand, she wrapped her free hand around the cool, metal door knob. The scent of bar-b-que, the sound of laughter and an overwhelming sense of home and comfort greeted her as she took her first steps inside the cozy home. Her shoulders relaxed as she continued to follow the sounds of something sizzling on the grill and of voices that felt both familiar and foreign.


Though Ashe paused, the hairs on her skin slowly stood on end. 

That didn’t sound like Josiah or Liam. And yet, she recognized that man’s voice from somewhere. She tilted her head to one side, blinking through a fog of memory.

“Ashe,” the voice insisted.

Recognition rippled down Ashe’s spine; she knew who was standing just a few feet behind her.

And if she could have just kept walking, she would have; but her body betrayed her— turning of its own volition to meet the source.

The world became dull except for the man who carefully stood from his chair, tossing his book upon the seat’s cushion before striding toward Ashe. He stood in sharp contrast against the scenery that seemed to have become a blur. When he stopped, he was so close she could catch a faint whiff of soap intertwined with a husky, sweet aroma. 

He changed colognes, came the wayward thought in Ashe’s mind.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." 

- Toni Morrison

Quint Emm Ellis enjoys penning plots centering around unabashedly nerdy, introverted, cinnamon-roll mantic, passionate, fallible women who happen to be black, who happen to be Christian, and who happen to love an uplifting and, possibly, inspirational story. 

She enjoys listening to audio books, watching movies, finding great deals and spoiling her cat and dog rotten. Her dream is to be able to walk around in loose pajama pants all day and geek out while mastering niche crafts like music production, film editing and electro etching.



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Quint Emm Ellis will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. Thank you for sharing my work! I'm actually experiencing a (hopefully brief) power outage due to a storm this between that and work it may take me some time to get back here to respond to any comments. Oh, life!

  2. Do you have an all time favorite movie?

    1. Hi, what a fun question! And thanks, in advance, for you patience with my long answer lol. I actually have a few favorite movies (if that counts): The Fifth Element is likely my most favorite, though. I adore the mix of Sci-fi/Fantasy, Romance, Comedy and Action.

      My second tier of favorite movies include, among other titles, Galaxy Quest (for the same reason); French Kiss (Meg Ryan at her most adorable); Here Comes the Boom (because, Kevin James' comedic timing is amazing); Jane Eyre (the Charlotte Gainsbourg version); Strictly Ballroom; Watermelon Man (because it's extremely witty, intimate and surprisingly moving approach to discussing the topic of race and prejudice).

  3. I think the cover looks great. Sounds like a good book.

    1. Thanks so much, Sherry. And I really liked how the cover turned out, as well.

  4. The book sounds intriguing. Great cover!


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