Monday, July 25, 2022

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Love Like Her by Claudia Burgoa


Love Like Her
Against All Odds, The Brassard Family, Book 3
By: Claudia Burgoa
Narrated by: Kelsey Navarro, Teddy Hamilton, Aaron Shedlock, Virginia Rose, Jason Clarke, Brooke Bloomingdale
Publisher: Cyburg Ink, LLC

USA Today best-selling author Claudia Burgoa charms listeners in this romantic comedy that’s whimsical and fun. 

Eros Brassard and I met at JFK years ago while trying to catch two different planes. We had an instant connection that was too powerful to deny. Love happened, and we hooked up. 

After our crazy romp, we agreed we couldn’t be together. We live too far away to make it work. Yet ever since, destiny has brought us together. Our paths have crossed so many times it’s obvious fate has intervened in our lives. 

But there’s always something else — or someone else — getting in the way. Until now. 

I’m hired to plan the wedding of Eros’ best friend, Misty. He thought Misty was the one who got away… until I walked in. 

Will circumstances push us apart again? 

Or is it the perfect time… maybe…for us to finally admit the truth? 

Love Like Her is a funny rom-com of fated lovers and cute crushes. This warm novel that’s cozy and flirty portrays a perfect ending of second — or third — or fourth — chances.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
When it's meant to be, it's meant to be - even when the fated couple takes a few years to realize it. Eros and Olivia have a pretty lengthy journey to their HEA, but when it's done Claudia Burgoa style, you know it's gonna be a blast every step of the way. Love Like Her delivers on everything I expect from this author - from the witty dialogue and fun banter to the terrific characters to the swoony romance - it's perfect for brightening up a rainy day or curling up on the couch to while away an evening. This book takes what could've been a series of hookups and turned this on again-off again thing into a relationship. I say relationship because these two are invested regardless of the circumstances. They see each other through some seriously tough times, and their timing for running into each other is nothing short of kismet. When I read this one, I didn't realize it was part of a series, so I didn't know as much about the lunatics that are the Brassard family. It feels like a whole different story after catching up and getting to know everyone from the beginning. It does still work as a standalone, but you're gonna want to know all of these characters.
The audiobook is voiced by some of my favorite narrators. Yes, there are six of them, but most kind of come and go. The bulk of the story is from Kelsey Navarro and Teddy Hamilton as Olivia and Eros, and they perform exactly as I expected. Whether it's laughter or tears, these two deliver on the emotion of the story. That said, I love how so many narrators were brought together for this series, and it's interesting to see how it all comes together. 

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