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Love Connection Book Blitz and Giveaway


Love Connection Box Set

Books 1-3

by Meghana Sarathy

Genre: New Adult Romance, Love Triangle 

I’ve a boyfriend, but he didn’t start as my best friend.

I’ve my best friend, but he was never my boyfriend and he also has a girlfriend.

My heart is split into two, my boyfriend and best friend owning the two halves.

I wish to spend more time with my boyfriend, Linden

But every second spent with my best friend - Brandon, feels like a lifetime.

His NBA career means the world to Linden

But Brandon sees me as his whole world.

I wish to see my Linden always smiling

But Brandon always brings a smile on my face.

Linden breathes life into me

But Brandon makes my heart to beat

I’m Jennifer Collins. This is the story of my life. It's ugly, beautiful and filled with angst, but the end is worth the turmoil.

You might like me, hate me, sympathize with me, be envious or even understand me.

But you will get to live my story.

At last, I will ask you...........Will you be able to choose between the two?

Rebranded, re-edited and republished with new cover and bonus material

*Due to sexual content and profanity, recommended for readers 18 +

This Box Set features all 3 books in the series:

1) Feeble Connections (Book #1)
2) Love Connection (Book #2)
3) Love Reconnection (Book #3)

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There is a knock on my room door and we bore stare at one another, surprised. 

“He can’t be here this soon,” she tells, checking the time in her watch.

“He never gave a time in the first place. We barely spoke today.”

I walk to the door, unlock it and swing it open. There is no one here, but when I sweep my eyes across the floor, I notice a rose just outside the door. I pick it up to see a small note tied to it.

I untie it and read the words out loud.

“Roses are red. Violets are blue…” I start.

“When I say I love you, you say I love you too.”

I whip my head to see Brandon rounding the corner from his hiding spot. He looks dashing in a three piece -  red suit the same color as my dress on his white dress shirt. His hair is gelled and slicked back. The top two buttons of his shirt are left open and he also dons a black bow tie. Dashing is a small word. He looks…..I swallow hard. Mouth-watering delicious? Hot? Sexy??...

My Prince Charming? The one I always sought.

“Those lines were original. Nice, right?”

I was so mesmerized by his sudden appearance and looks that I barely paid any attention to his words. But it can’t be what I believe I heard.

“Pardon me?”

He walks to me and slides his hand behind my neck, pulling me closer. His eyes can bore holes through mine. They are focused solely on me, simmering with unbridled passion. 

“Senorita, roses are red.”

The pressure of his fingers on my neck increases.

“Violets are blue.”

His other arm slides around my waist, and my body stiffens. He’s just a breath away.

“When I say I love you.” He pauses and I swallow hard. 

He can’t possibly mean it. 

“You say?” he probes, raising his brows.

“I love you too,” I admit, locking my eyes with his.

His lips tug into a smile before they gently press on mine. It’s soft, slow and…… short. He pulls back and brushes his bottom lip with his thumb. He winks and drops both his arms.

“I put up a good show, don’t I? I’m very convincing.”

A show? An act. That’s what this was.

“What’s going on here?” Gia asks from the doorway. I don’t even have to look at her to see the disdain look on her face. Up until this point, she was in team Sandy.

“Did you buy my act as well, princess?” He is displaying his lopsided grin again. The one reserved for friends and closed ones. Gia belongs to that category as well. 

Before she can answer him, I interrupt. “What are you doing here, Brandon? I’m waiting for my date. We have a party to attend.”

I really don’t want to make a big deal of that kiss. Brandon and I tend to get carried away at times and this was one of those times. Like he just admitted, he was pretending.

But I wasn’t….my conscience warns. I ignore it. I’m becoming good at ignoring it these days.

“I’m your date for the night,” he tells smoothly, the wide grin stretching his face.

“What?” Gia and I ask in unison.

He can’t just trade places with sandy like that. 

“What do you mean? Today is Valentine’s Day, Brandon. It’s not a joke to me.”

“Look who’s so uptight today.” He scowls. 

Uptight? What does he expect? He comes out of the blue and tells he loves me. One thing I dream of hearing from him and I admit my feelings too, only to find that he was putting on a show.

He really expects me to be happy about that? The joke is on me.

“Roses are red. Violets are blue.” I cross my arms across my chest. He looks at me curiously. “When you crack such a nasty joke, you make me wanna screw you.”

He chuckles hard and shakes his head in amusement. “You’re something else, you know? But you always have a free a pass to screw me.” 

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Meghana Sarathy is from Bangalore, India. She is an avid reader and also a writer. She writes Adult and New Adult romance, and also wishes to try her hands at dark and psychological thrillers. She especially loves reading and writing love triangles, taboo romance, and angst filled stories that are quite complex and unconventional. Her books tend to involve protagonists who are flawed, far from perfect, and as real as they can get. Her all-time favorite characters are her very own characters- Jennifer, Brandon and Linden. She tends to fall hard for boys who are either cocky, bossy or good flirts and total charmers.

She spends most of her free time reading, writing, watching anime or studying. Her favorite genre are Psychological Thrillers, Teen Drama and Sci-fi (especially time travel stories). Being an IT professional, she is totally plugged into Cloud Technology, specializing in Cloud Networking and Security. When she’s not writing, she is studying for technical certification courses. She is a crazy fan of Dragonball Z and can be seen watching the episodes in repeat. Vegeta is her all-time favorite anime character. Steins Gate and Monster come second in the list of her favorite anime, and currently Dark is her fav non-anime series.

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