Tuesday, November 8, 2022

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Beautiful Ruin by Piper Lawson


Beautiful Ruin
Enemies, Book 3
By: Piper Lawson
Narrated by: Samantha Brentmoor & Shane East

She gave me the one thing I couldn’t take.

Her heart.

When the villains of our past threaten to destroy my pledge to Reagan, we have one narrow chance at saving our future.

All the money and power in the world mean nothing without the woman I love.

So I will fight to my last breath for her. For us.

To glorious victory...

Or beautiful ruin.

Beautiful Ruin is the thrilling, explosive conclusion of Harrison and Reagan’s romance that begins in Beautiful Enemy and continues in Beautiful Sins.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What a finish! The blurb says this is "the thrilling, explosive conclusion of Harrison and Reagan’s romance," and that pretty much hits the nail on the head. It's a good thing I listened to this one because I couldn't have put a book down. At least I could carry the audio with me, and I didn't have to stop listening as I went about my day. By this point, I'm totally invested in this couple, and if you've seen my thoughts on the first two, I'll just add that they're still pretty darn frustrating. Basically, I still wanted to shake one or both of them until their teeth rattled. At the same time. I could understand their actions and where they were coming from.
Before I venture into spoiler territory, I'll just move on to mentioning how Piper Lawson's writing style and talent for storytelling pull you in and hold on tight. This trilogy was my first time reading/listening to this author, but I definitely plan to remedy that. The narration is another fantastic element of this trilogy. Honestly, I don't think Piper Lawson could've chosen any better than Samantha Brentmoor and Shane East. As far as I'm concerned, these voices belong to Rae and Harrison. To sum it up, the narration combined with a gripping story made for an excellent listen. It's the kind of story I can come back to over and over. 

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