Tuesday, January 10, 2023

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Sugar by Lydia Michaels


By: Lydia Michaels
Narrated by: Lucinda Gainey

A sexy alpha male from the poshest part of Philadelphia gets snowed in with his beautiful neighbor in this modern day rags-to-riches, enemies to lovers romance from bestselling and award winning author, Lydia Michaels.

Avery Johansson is borrowing against her youth and beauty to afford a better future by working as a sugar baby. Gifted at playing the role of a delicate female, she makes a living by stroking men’s egos. But the real Avery prefers leather over lace and spice instead of nice.

Noah Wolfe is used to getting exactly what he wants when he wants, and when he sets his sights on his sexy neighbor, he’s determined to have her. Little does he know, the soft female across the hall doesn’t swoon for roses–she plays with the thorns. Two dominant hearts collide in an explosion of sin and safewords as boundaries are pressed to the limit in a battle of power and ultimate possession.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Avery and Noah have an unusual relationship to say the least. It's as volatile as it is sexy. Every time they're around each other, it's anybody's guess who will come out on top - sometimes figuratively and literally. Honestly, I didn't really get a romantic vibe from these two, but they do have good sexual chemistry. They also have good banter. Well, sometimes it's what I would consider good as in amusing or funny. Other times it's kind of shocking. There were times when I really wanted Avery to put Noah in his place and other times when I wanted the same from him. The sugar baby/daddy thing is an interesting premise. Both Avery and Noah have things to work through, and hers are absolutely heart wrenching at times.
Lucinda Gainey narrates the audiobook. I always expect a good performance from her, and once again, she delivers. Lydia Michaels chose well in my opinion. Lucinda Gainey captures the tone perfectly.
As always, the writing style is everything I expect from Lydia Michaels, and while I don't have anything in common with Avery, I could understand and sympathize with her choices. The story is a combination of emotional, jarring, sexy, and even witty - maybe not all at the same time, but these characters certainly held my attention from their very first lingering look to their HFN. 

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