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Book Blast: Titanian Warrior by Victoria Saccenti

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One woman holds the key to his destiny—and his people’s salvation. Hagen drags himself to the gates of Hell, body and soul shredded by the bloodlust that consumes all the unmated of his kind. Awaiting the painful atonement that will buy him ten more years to find his eternal mate—or face oblivion. But Hades himself kicks him out with the bloodlust still prowling, unsatisfied, in his veins.

Bargained away by her parents to Master O, a mysterious, cruel wizard, Faiza serves in his household, keeping her small magic a secret, plagued by wild, confusing visions of a strange, suffering man. Then the master brings home a wounded Titanian warrior whose touch sends ice, fire, and desire racing through her body.

When she learns Master O plans to use Hagen as a weapon to conquer all races, she devises a desperate plan to free him—a plan that opens a portal to a world she’s never known. And a destiny entwined with danger that could destroy them all.

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Faiza hopped to her feet. She joined the trio outside, pretending she didn’t notice Hagen’s hawkish stare. That was foolish, impossible to do, and insensitive to him. He’d done nothing except protect her. His thorough gaze burned wherever it fell on her, and his scent enfolded her like a mantle. She stopped resisting, glanced into his sad face, and her heart broke in pieces.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered.

Grasping her hand, he pressed her fingertips to his lips as if this would be their last time together. She’d seen this gesture before and had been moved to the core. Now she was the recipient and had no words. Hagen dropped her hand and turned away. Separation anxiety was instantaneous. The distance was short, yet his absence was unbearable. Faiza felt more alone than she ever had in her life. She couldn’t handle the emptiness and sense of loss.

Following her heart’s desire, she bolted after him. “Hagen, wait.”

He paused at the end of the hallway. “Sweetheart?”

His murmur was gentle, his expression was hopeful, and she crashed into the comforting strength of his chest. Lacing her arms around his waist, she held on as tightly as she could. His essence surrounded her, and the world was perfect again. She was complete.

“I don’t understand what I’m feeling or what’s happening. Please, don’t go.”

“We’re at the inevitable crossroads,” Hagen said. “The universe has ordained you choose. Freely. With no pressure. Our future depends on it. Know this, no matter which way you go, I’ll always be close by. I’m yours to keep, little Faiza. That’s my vow. Till the end of my days.” When he pushed her back, his sparkling gaze mesmerized her. “Before you decide, you need information. Maya and Talaith will answer all your questions. If at the end you still have doubts, come to me and I’ll answer from my perspective. All right?”


He kissed her forehead, then gently turned her around. “Go. They’re waiting for you.”

About the Author:
Award-winning, multi-genre author Victoria Saccenti writes romantic women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. Not one for heart and flower stories, she explores the edgy twists and turns of human interaction, the many facets of love, and all possible happy endings. After thirty years of traveling the world, she’s settled in Central Florida. She splits her busy schedule between family and her active muse at Essence Publishing. However, if she could convince her husband to sell their home, she would pack up her computer and move to Scotland, a land she adores. On a side note, in one form or another, Scotland appears in most of her stories.

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