Sunday, February 5, 2023

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ The Doctor's Wife by Daniel Hurst


The Doctor's Wife
By: Daniel Hurst
Narrated by: Sarah Durham & David Wayman

He thinks his secret is safe. But she knows the truth....

My husband is a doctor. He’s smart and charming, and everybody trusts him. Except me.

On the surface, it looks like I have it all–the perfect marriage, the perfect husband, the perfect life. But it’s far from the truth.

Doctor Drew Devlin is not the respectable figure he makes out to be. The reason we moved to this beautiful, old property with a gorgeous view of the sea was because we needed to put our past behind us. It should’ve been a fresh start for us both.

Except I’ve discovered my husband has been lying to me again. He’s using the power he has in his job to mess with people’s lives and to get exactly what he wants–no matter who it hurts.

But he’s underestimated me. I’ve had plenty of time, in this big, isolated house, to think about all of his mistakes.

And my husband has no idea what’s about to happen next....

From the number one best-selling author of The Passenger, an absolutely gripping psychological thriller packed with jaw-dropping twists that will keep you listening late into the night. If you love Behind Closed Doors, Gone Girl, and The Housemaid, you’ll be hooked on The Doctor’s Wife.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Doctor's Wife feels more like a domestic drama/suspense than the gripping psychological thriller it's made out to be in the blurb. There's really way too much given away in the blurb for it to be considered a suspense novel as well - maybe suspense adjacent? That said, I still enjoyed this look behind the curtain, so to speak. It has that kind of vibe for me. It feels a little like being given an inside scoop on what the neighbors are up to, and these neighbors are up to no good.
The story is told from the alternating points of view of Drew and Fern, the doctor and his wife, and you may as well prepare yourself from the beginning because these are not likable people. At the same time, I wouldn't call either of them an unreliable narrator because they're both narcissistic to the point of bragging about things most people would want to keep secret. It's not hard to figure out where things are going, but it all plays out.
The narration is done by Sarah Durham and David Wayman, and while both were new to me, I enjoyed their performances and would listen to them again without any reservations. I feel like they both did a good job with the nuance and tone of the story. I even caught myself rolling my eyes a time or two, much like I would if someone in real life were talking the same way these characters do. That "I'm the smartest person in the room" attitude comes through loud and clear, and it's exactly how I'd think Drew and Fern would sound.
So, The Doctor's Wife isn't exactly what I expected, but I still liked it and enjoyed the listen. If you like a bit of domestic drama, something akin to a Lifetime movie, then I'd suggest giving this one a go. 

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