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✱✱Book Review✱✱ The Last Grudge (A Ghosts of the Past Novel Book 3) by Max Seeck


While her colleagues investigate the brutal murder of a prominent businessman, Jessica Niemi must battle demons from her past in this terrifying new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Witch Hunter.

Powerful executive Eliel Zetterborg has been found murdered in his upscale Helsinki home. What at first seems like a straightforward case soon proves to be anything but when it becomes clear the murderer has other targets. The only clue the police have is a photo of Zetterborg with three men whose faces have all been scratched off.
Detective Jessica Niemi has taken some time off from her work with the Helsinki police to track down the coven that nearly killed her, and her partner, Yusuf, is assigned to lead the investigation. But as Yusuf delves into the case, he realizes he needs Jessica’s help. And as they dig deeper, they realize that the evil they’ve been hunting all along has returned and is lying in wait for the right moment to strike. 

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Full disclosure: I didn't realize this was book 3 in a series until I started reading. That's on me, but I will add that there were a few times when I felt like I was missing some piece of information. I did figure it out eventually, so it wasn't totally confusing, but I'd still recommend reading the books in order. I have a feeling that would eliminate any head-scratchers as this one moves along.
It wasn't hard to figure out that Detective Jessica Niemi is the star of this crime series, but her partner, Yusuf, certainly showed his own talent for investigation here. I ended up really liking Yusuf. The story is a procedural, which is one of my favorites in the suspense genre, and there's a murder to solve. We also spend some time in the past and it's way into the novel before we get the whole connection (nope, you're not getting it here).
I'll stop there before I give away the book's secrets, but I will say that the book is very well written with interesting characters. I enjoyed Max Seeck's writing style, and I'm now curious enough about the first two books and their storylines that I will be checking those out. As for this one, I'd certainly recommend it. 

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International and New York Times bestselling author Max Seeck writes novels and screenplays full-time. He lives with his wife and children near Helsinki.


Find him online at; Twitter: @maxseeck; Instagram: @maxseeck; and

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