Friday, February 3, 2023

Tomorrow Belongs To Us Tour and Giveaway


Tomorrow Belongs To Us

by Lily Zante

Genre: Age Gap, Second Chance Contemporary Romance 

A young woman's life is disrupted when a decade later she crosses paths with the caring high-school teacher she fell in love with as a student.

Lance Turner was there for Megan when she needed him, but his sudden departure left her devastated.

All she wants now is closure, but all he wants is a second chance.

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“Come.” Preston takes my hand. 

I want to go home. Now. 

“I'm not ... I'm not feeling up to it ...” I start to tell him, but he doesn't like my answer. 

“It's just a dance.”

“I believe she's taken.” The scent of familiar cologne tells me I am safe. Lance is here by my side. My body softens. 

Preston attempts a light laugh. “I asked first.”

“She’s clearly not interested.” Lance is so confident, so assured, that he doesn’t even look at Preston. His eyes are on me. “Care to dance?” His is the hand I take, willingly, gladly. 

I would never have a slow dance with anyone at a company event, but this is Lance, and this is my last event here. A slow song plays as we walk onto the dance floor and his hands slide around my waist. I inhale a shaky breath. His touch makes my insides freefall, and my heart turns soft and liquid. Goosebumps pop up all over my skin. 

“Cold?” he asks. 

I shake my head. He has no idea of what he does to me. How much he makes me want him. “Not cold.”

“I was never going to let Preston dance with you.”

Joy shoots through me. “Possessive Alpha,” I retort, feeling ecstatic. He’s jealous. 

“Call me what you want. You don't like him. I don't like him. I don't want you to do things you don't like.”

“Thank you for rescuing me … again.”

“Any time.” His gaze settles on my lips and his fingers wreak havoc with my skin. His nearness is intoxicating. 

I place my arms around his neck and fall into the thrum of excitement which zips between our bodies. I’m in a happy place; somewhere I haven’t been for a long time. My body starts to heat up, blood pools to my nether regions. I feel a tingle in my breasts. All this just because Lance is holding me close. 

Lily Zante writes emotional contemporary romances that give you all the feels.

Readers say that her books keep you up all night and make you fall in love with characters who you will come to regard as friends.

She has one daughter, two sons and a parrot. Her better half prefers not to be mentioned at all.

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