Monday, April 3, 2023

✱✱AudioBook Review✱✱ Once Upon a Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon


Once upon a Billionaire
Blue Collar Billionaires, Book 1
By: Jessica Lemmon
Narrated by: Jennifer Blom & Tom Heft

I never finish a project late. Ever. So, when sassy, stilettoed Vivian Vandemark swaggers in with a roll of red tape to shut down my construction site, you can imagine my reaction. Although, it involves a sledgehammer and perfectly good drywall, so maybe you can’t.

She doesn’t look or act like any government employee I’ve met, and I’m determined to uncover her secrets. When I lean in, I lean in hard. But so does Vivian. Now that we’re incinerating the bedsheets, we’re in way over our heads.

What started out as physical infatuation quickly morphs into more. Vivian is staying at my place, and I’m helping bury her father. She’s meeting my adoptive family, and I’m hiring her fresh-out-of-rehab brother. With our checkered pasts, trust doesn’t come easily, but hell if I let that stop me from living happily ever after....

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

The series title caught my attention before anything about the book. I love billionaire romance with a down-to-earth billionaire, so Blue Collar Billionaires sounded like something I very much wanted to read or listen to, as the case may be.
So, I started listening to Once Upon a Billionaire (a terrific title, in my opinion), and I'll be honest - I wasn't sure if I was gonna like Nate. I do like an alpha male, and I even like an arrogant alpha male, but Nate came across as a jerk at first. I assume that was intentional because, as it turns out, Nate is totally redeemable, and he is also totally lovable. It didn't take long for me to decide that Vivian is one lucky gal to catch Nate's attention.
While this may be the Nate and Vivian show, they aren't the only great characters. This one has a well-rounded group of characters that I hope to see more of as the series progresses. Great characters aside, what I loved most about this romance is it's not perfect - not by a long shot - and that makes it so much more than just another billionaire romance. There are real-life issues and problems that get in the way, and not all of them are just Vivian's or just Nate's issues. Some things are on the periphery but still affect these characters. It makes them all feel so much more realistic, and there are things that I can relate to. Not the billionaire thing, much as I'd like that to be it.
Jennifer Blom and Tom Heft give voice to the characters, and this is my first time listening to either of these narrators. Both did a great job with the many emotions that run through this story. I don't know how long Heft has been narrating, but I kind of feel like he's still working on some aspects. That aside, I enjoyed the listen and the story, and I'll be anxious to dive into the next book in the series. 

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