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The Girl Who Planted a Forest Blitz


The Adventures of Luna. Bilingual English-Spanish.: Little Explorer, Big World

Children's Book

Date Published: August 13, 2023


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Dual Language Books for Children ( Bilingual English-Spanish).

Join Luna, a determined and caring girl, on her journey to make a difference in the world. Through her simple daily routine of planting trees, Luna inspires the animals of the forest, including her owl friends Churros and Panela, to take action against the destruction of their home. When disaster strikes and the Buhouho family is left homeless, Luna's unwavering dedication to planting trees proves to be the key to restoring their beloved forest. With beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming message, "Luna, the Girl Who Planted a Forest" is a captivating tale that will leave children inspired to make a difference in their own world.

¨Luna's understanding of the value of trees is prescient. For all of human existence, the role of trees was understood as a necessity for survival. The deforestation that Luna is witnessing in this story has implications for two interrelated environmental problems - biodiversity loss and climate change. Luna's instinct is in sync with the international conservation community's focus on the need to restore our planet's degraded habitats. We must act on ecosystem restoration to address climate change, which includes the added benefits of safeguarding biodiversity, creating jobs, and securing our food supply. The United Nations highlighted this need by declaring 2020 - 2029 as the "Decade of Ecosystem Restoration." Luna's initiative in this book's story is in the spirit of that important effort. In the face of massive, intertwined deforestation and climate change, what can one person do? It is easy to get overwhelmed by the challenges. Whether you live in an apartment and can nurture a s all fishtail palm in a pot near a window or have a yard with space for a mighty oak tree, you can make a difference. If you learn more about your tree's natural and cultural history, that knowledge will lead you to respect it and care about that species even more. Over time, as you watch your tree grow and thrive, you can do so knowing that you are its guardian and partner in fostering a shared, sustainable planet. Luna learned this lesson well and sets a wonderful, inspirational example in this book's story.¨ - Brian Boom, Curator Emeritus, New York Botanical Garden.

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Libros Bilingües para Niños (Inglés-Español). Acompaña a Luna, una niña valiente y amorosa, en su extraordinaria aventura para cambiar el mundo. Con su rutina diaria de plantar árboles, Luna inspira a los animales del bosque, incluyendo a sus amigos búhos Churros y Panela, a unirse y lucharcontra la destrucción de su hogar. Cuando un desastre golpea y la familia Buhouho se queda sin hogar, la dedicación incansable de Luna por plantar árboles se convierte en la clave para restaurar el bosque que tanto aman. Con ilustraciones hermosas y un mensaje conmovedor, "Luna, la Niña que Sembró un Bosque" es un cuento cautivador que inspirará a los niños a hacer la diferencia en su propio mundo. ¡Embárcate en esta emocionante historia y descubre el poder de una pequeña acción para cambiar el destino de un bosque y la vida de sus habitantes!

About the Author

He has been on assignment in dozens of countries, working on stories ranging from belugas in the Arctic to traditional Hmong costumes in Laos. Kike's images have been published in National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair, among others. A National Geographic Certified Educator and a former contributor to National Geographic's Voices blog, his images are represented by AP Images, Redux Pictures, and the National Geographic Image Collection.

Kike has been part of scientific river expeditions in Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. Over the years, Kike has joined numerous National Geographic Expeditions, from Spain and Patagonia to Costa Rica and the Amazon. He also enjoys teaching photography workshops and has been a guest lecturer at leading institutions like the School of Visual Arts and Yale University. Kike is the recipient of the 2020, 2021, and 2022 Safina Center Fellowship.

Kike is the co-founder of The Adventures of Pili initiative, a project with the mission to create bilingual books that will increase children’s awareness of global environmental issues and foster multi-lingual literacy. Partnering with local NGOs, and adding the support of companies and readers, to date, thousands of free bilingual books have been given to kids living in remote communities around the world.

Kike is pioneering in using small unmanned aerial systems to produce aerial photography as art and as a tool for research and conservation. His early work with drones was profiled as a genius in the 2019 National Geographic Almanac. He is also known for his iconic photographic project, World of Dances, on the intersection of dance, nature, and architecture. He has authored fifteen books, including Drones for Conservation; Staten Island: A Visual Journey to the Lighthouse at the End of the World; Habitats, with forewords by David Doubilet, and Jean-Michel Cousteau; and Corpus Christi in Atánquez. Professor of Anthropology and author Wade Davis, has described Kike as a worldly and seasoned photographer, and a fresh voice in the world of (visual) anthropology.

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