Monday, December 18, 2023

Book Blast: A Curse of Magick by Diane Gallagher

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“A desperate princess, a handsome warrior, and an ancient magick to determine their fate.”

As daughter to the High King, love doesn’t come easily to Gráinne. Having turned down hundreds of suitors, she is being forced to marry Finn, an old, ugly yet powerful general. While outside the marriage hall, Gráinne bumps into Diarmuid, Finn’s handsome foster son. From that moment, Gráinne knows if she is to have any chance at love, he is the one she must marry. She begs him to take her away from this unwanted wedding. When Diarmuid refuses, Gráinne, desperate, places a curse on him; help her or die.

Diarmuid is a warrior who only wants to serve loyally, but when the princess sets her sights on him and casts her curse, he must make the most difficult choice of his life. Does he help her, taking their chances with a vengeful Finn, or does her refuse her, leaving her to her fate, and risking his own death?

With both their lives on the line, Gráinne and Diarmuid must fight to use Ireland’s ancient magick to escape from Finn, either bringing them together in passion or in death.

A Curse of Magick is a passionate tale of love, betrayal, revenge, and redemption. A retelling of an ancient Irish myth, A Curse of Magick takes the love and romance of Romeo and Juliet, and the exhilaration of King Arthur, and mixes it together for a satisfying adventure all will love.

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Gráinne stumbled up the path to the top of the cliff. The wind whipped her hair and cloak around her. The moon had disappeared behind skittering clouds. Still furious at Diarmuid, she turned south and stomped along the edge of the cliff.

“That stupid, stupid man.” With the rage that boiled inside her, alongside the dark, she could barely see where she was going. She stepped on a loose stone that rolled and tumbled down, bouncing, and crashing to the bottom of the cliff below. Gráinne struggled to stay upright but her balance failed her. Her leg slid to the right and over the edge of the cliff. She grabbed a jutting stone, near the size of the giant’s head, and held on. Her heart was pounding, and the little vision she had swam as the sharp edges of the stone cut into her hands. She scrabbled at the stone, tearing her nails until they bled. She pulled hard against the stone until the muscles in her arms trembled and her hands, too, bled. She struggled to find purchase with her feet. Her left foot pushed against the cliff edge but only managed to kick over more stones. Gasping, her breath burned in her chest and tore at her throat. She pulled her knee up as tightly to her chest as she could until her toes found a tiny solid outcropping. With a final powerful kick, she pulled herself up to safety.

About the Author:

Diane Gallagher is a novelist and Druid priest. She is the author of three novels: A Curse of Magick, Greenwich List, and the Bastard of Saint Genevra. She has long roots stretching into her Celtic past, although she splits her life between two islands—Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, and Sicily off the toe of Italy’s boot. She writes young adult romance based on ancient Celtic myths of the powerful women of Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. She currently teaches creative writing at Cherry Hill Seminary.


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