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How I disproved the 2020 "proof" of election fraud and won $5 million.

Some say I saved democracy in America. 

Election Hacks

Lindell v. Zeidman: Exposing the $5 million election myth

by Bob Zeidman

Genre: Nonfiction, Politics, Current Affairs

Mike Lindell, the MyPillow magnate, has been inciting crowds by publicly declaring he has proof of voting machine tampering that threw the 2020 election from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Bob Zeidman, who invented the field of software forensics, was invited by Lindell in 2021 to examine and verify the alleged proof. What he found was bogus data, manipulated results, and dangerous conspiracy theories. This is the story of Bob’s successful $5 million lawsuit against Lindell and his uncovering of a scandal leading to some of the top political leaders and advisors in America. Was the election stolen? Maybe. Maybe not. But Lindell’s bogus claims have prevented legitimate investigations into voter fraud.

Election Hacks is not just an important book about the cries of a stolen 2020 presidential election, it’s also a warning for the 2024 election and all future elections. It’s a personal story of a man who found the truth and pursued it by going up against a rich, powerful, influential businessman. It’s a technological mystery, a courtroom drama, and a character study of extremists and their enablers. It’s about human nature and how people can so easily be led astray. And it’s about standing up for the truth, even when that truth may turn out to belie your beliefs and alienate your friends.

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On that chilly day in November, I felt confident that Nevada would go red, but wasn’t sure about the rest of the country. As the results came in from around the country later that day, it looked like another four years to make America great again. But I had a bad feeling when I went to bed, a premonition I guess, and when I woke up early, my premonition had been right. Major states had switched from overwhelming Trump majorities to thin Biden majorities. When the ballots were counted and certified some days later, I felt sick to find that Biden had even won Nevada.

On January 6, a rally of Trump supporters outside the U.S. Capitol Building turned dangerous when the people entered the building, chanting, rummaging, breaking, and stealing. Four Trump supporters died that day. Five police officers died shortly afterwards. Trump delayed sending out a message to calm the crowd, instead insisting that Vice President Mike Pence not certify the vote, something he couldn’t constitutionally do. We can argue about what happened that day and who was responsible, but I hope we agree it was a tragic and probably preventable event. I had been invited by my friends to attend that rally to protest the election, but I sensed that it wasn’t going to turn out well, so I declined. It just seemed like a bad idea and a potentially dangerous situation.

On January 20, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Donald Trump didn’t attend, the first outgoing president not to attend the swearing in of his successor in over a century. Trump had insisted the election had been stolen from him. There are many people in this country who believe the same thing, and you’ll meet some of the most ardent ones in this story.

Rumors of cheating and fraud abounded among my Republican friends. As a software forensics expert, I got calls and emails from many friends, begging me to get involved. They wanted me to inspect the voting machines. So I contacted all of my friends and acquaintances in Republican politics, including some who had been advisors to Trump, and volunteered my services and that of my experienced team. None got back to me. I told my friends that I was sure they had already selected a team of top-notch software forensics and cybersecurity experts, ready immediately to perform the inspections. While my team and I are, in my opinion and that of many others, the best in the world at examining electronics and software, there are many others who can also do a competent job. I assumed they had contracted one of those other teams. Boy was I wrong.

Bob Zeidman is an inventor, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and high-stakes poker player. He created the field of software forensics and founded Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering Corporation to develop and sell software forensics tools. He is the founder of Zeidman Consulting, an engineering consulting company that has worked on over 260 major litigations involving billions of dollars of disputed intellectual property. His cases have included ConnectU v. Facebook, on which the Oscar-winning movie The Social Network is based, and Oracle v. Google that went up to the U.S. Supreme Court. He is the inventor of the famous Silicon Valley Napkin on display at the Computer History Museum. He is also a high-stakes poker player, and his latest tech venture is Good Beat Poker, a new way to play and watch poker online.

Bob writes about politics, society, and business for national magazines. His latest book is Election Hacks, the true story of how he challenged his own beliefs about voting machine hacking in the 2020 presidential election and made international news and $5 million.

Bob has a master's degree from Stanford University and two bachelor's degrees from Cornell University.

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