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She’s off limits and half his age, but this ex-military biker is a protector hero who won’t give up the woman who captures his heart. 

Wild Heart

Wild Heart Mountain: Wild Rider’s MC Book 6

by Sadie King

Genre: Contemporary MC Romance 

She’s off limits and half his age, but this ex-military biker is a protector hero who won’t give up the woman who captures his heart.

Isabella Berone has haunted my dreams since I watched her strut into the White Out nightclub two years ago.
She was too young then, the mafia princess with something to prove. But I watched, and I waited.
When Isabella needs me, I’m there for her. I’ll protect her with my life. Because despite the age gap, despite her being off limits, I’ve fallen for the wild mafia princess.
When her father comes for her, I’ll be ready. I swore to fight for my country once, and now I’ll fight for Isabella, no matter the cost.

Wild Heart is a protector hero, forbidden love, age gap romance featuring the President of an MC and the wild and curvy mafia princess who steals his heart.

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The air changes the moment she walks in. My head jerks up towards the door, and my breath catches in my chest.

The woman pauses on the threshold of the club, and her thick dark hair, artfully curled, bounces over her exposed shoulders.  She’s tall like her father and made more so by the six inch heels she’s wearing that make her legs look longer. Her red dress ends above the knee, and there’s a hint of thick thighs and delicious promises.

My hungry gaze scans her body, taking in every curve. The way the dress cinches in at the waist and the tight bodice pushes her oversized breasts against the fabric, forcing a pillowing cleavage that makes my throat dry.

Her face has a thick coat of makeup covering her already flawless skin. But it’s her eyes that have me spellbound. Emerald green. They scan the room taking everything in, intelligent and with a wariness much older than her years.

The music slows as she walks in. That’s what it feels like, but maybe it’s just me as my heartbeat speeds up and my pulse quickens. Blood thunders through my ears so loudly I can’t hear anything.

The air shifts. It parts for her as she struts into the club. Strut is the only word for how she walks. Her delicate beaded purse hangs off her bent elbow, and the two friends she’s with totter on their heels to catch up.

Quentin turns to see what I’m staring at, and his mouth drops open.

“Is that…?”

“Isabella Berone.” Her name rumbles out of my chest like a growl. The mafia princess whose father has a deadly reputation.

I haven’t seen her since she was an adolescent playing at the lake. Her father keeps her tightly guarded, and I can see why.

My dick’s hard as stone, and my heart’s pounding. I glance around the club, and every other hot blooded man is staring at her. My fists clench under the table, and I’m overcome with an urge to break the heads of every single one of them.

What the hell she’s doing out without a security detail I have no idea, but not a single man in here is going to get near her tonight.

“Get the guys,” I growl without taking my eyes off Isabella.

She shouldn’t be here. She can’t be more than eighteen. I’m damn sure her father doesn’t know where she is, and it won’t go well for any hot headed man who tries to touch her.

But it’s not because of her father that I call my guys together. Isabella may only be eighteen, but I’ll make damn sure no one gets near her. No one but me.

Wild Ride

Wild Heart Mountain: Wild Rider’s MC Book 1

If an attractive ex-military biker offered to give you anything you desired, what would you ask for?

Mom always made the decisions for me: Go to college, get a good job in the city, find a nice man in a suit.
Instead, I’ve lost my job and I’ve lost my apartment. I’m single, I still have my v-card, and I’m wildly attracted to the bearded, tattooed biker who rescued me and my broken-down Caddy.
I’ve only ever done things to please Mom until I meet Colter.
He offers me a weekend of yes. One entire weekend where he will do whatever I ask of him.
It’s a fun game at first, but as the weekend goes on, I realize the only thing I want from him is one he’s not prepared to give: his heart.

I don’t do relationships. I have my MC club, my vintage bike collection, and my oversized dog. Women are trouble and best left alone.
But when I see Danni, stranded on the side of my mountain and looking like a pin-up straight out of the fifties, I can’t resist. It’s been a long time since I let a woman on the back of my bike. But Danni is one curvy exception.
She’s spent too long pleasing others, and now it’s my duty to please her.
As long as she knows it’s just for the weekend…

Wild Ride is a forced proximity steamy instalove age gap romance featuring an ex-military mountain man biker and the curvy younger woman who steals his heart.

Authors Note: Wild Ride is a short steamy story that can be read in a couple of hours. If you love a quickie then this one's for you.

**Don’t miss the rest of the series!**

If you love damaged heroes and curvy girl romance then you’ll love the Wild Riders MC.

This group of ex-military bikers fall hard and fall fast when they encounter the curvy women who heal their hearts.

Expect forced proximity, forbidden love, age gap, fake relationships, single dads, single moms and off limits love with OTT protector heroes who will do anything for the women they love.

Spend some time with Wild Heart Mountain’s Wild Riders MC, the MC that’s all heart.

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Sadie King is a USA Today Best Selling Author of short instalove romance. 

She lives in New Zealand with her ex-military husband and raucous young son.

When she’s not writing she loves catching waves with her son, running along the beach, and good wine, preferably drunk with a book in hand.

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