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✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Play Maker by Piper Lawson


Play Maker
King of the Court, Book 3
By: Piper Lawson
Narrated by: Lance Greenfield & Carly Robins

I chose a championship over love.

When Nova smashed her way into my hardened heart, she showed me there’s more to life than basketball.

She taught me patience and forgiveness. With her help, my Kodiak teammates became brothers instead of rivals. For the first time, I cared about more than a game.

But one mistake sent me crashing from all-star to rock bottom.

Broken inside and out, there’s no one to blame but myself.

I won’t let the people I love suffer for my mistakes, on or off the court. I’ll win back the brothers who trusted me, the city that backed me, and the woman I don’t want to live without.

Unless I’m too late.

I have one last shot. One last chance.

Countdown's on, and I’m playing for keeps.

Play Maker is the third and final book in the King of the Court series. Clay and Nova’s steamy, addictive grumpy sunshine sports romance begins in Game Changer and continues in Shot Taker.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Clay and Nova have made it to the home stretch. Umm... final quarter (since this is a basketball romance), except it's the final third of the trilogy. Eh, however you wanna say it. It amounts to the same thing for this couple: we finally get to the HEA. I don't feel like I'm giving anything away with that little tidbit since we all expected it. Besides, it's the journey that makes it all worthwhile, and this pair has earned that HEA. The whole trilogy has been full of ups and downs with all the feels to match. That said, it hasn't all been angsty and full of heartbreak. I mean, Clay and Nova had to be good together for us to want them to stay that way, and they are really good together. The chemistry is crazy good, and they generate enough steam to peel the paint off the walls. That's the thing - when you love as hard as Nova and Clay, there are going to be some hiccups and growing pains along the way. Those hiccups just made their whole story that much more believable for me, even if I did go through my share of grumbling when things went sideways. You might ask if it was worth it. We are talking about 16+ hours listening time between the three parts of the story, and I'd have to say it very definitely was worth it. I was invested in this pair before the first book ended, and I absolutely couldn't get enough of them.
It doesn't hurt that Lance Greenfield and Carly Robins give voice to these characters, and they do it quite well. In my opinion, the performances of these narrators only add to the listen, and when you combine those performances with Piper Lawson's storytelling talent, you have a winning combination. 

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