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✱✱Book Review✱✱ Village in the Dark by Iris Yamashita


Detective Cara Kennedy thought she’d lost her husband and son in an accident, but harrowing evidence has emerged that points to murder--and she will stop at nothing to find the truth in this riveting mystery from the author of City Under One Roof.

On a frigid February day, Anchorage Detective Cara Kennedy stands by the graves of her husband and son, watching as their caskets are raised from the earth. It feels sacrilegious, but she has no choice. Aaron and Dylan disappeared on a hike a year ago, their bones eventually found and buried. But shocking clues have emerged that foul play was involved, potentially connecting them to a string of other deaths and disappearances. 
Somehow tied to the mystery is Mia Upash, who grew up in an isolated village called Unity, a community of women and children in hiding from abusive men. Mia never imagined the trouble she would find herself in when she left home to live in Man’s World. Although she remains haunted by the tragedy of what happened to the man and the boy in the woods, she has her own reasons for keeping quiet.
Aided by police officer Joe Barkowski and other residents of Point Mettier, Cara’s investigation will lead them on a dangerous path that puts their lives and the lives of everyone around them in mortal jeopardy.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

When I started reading Village in the Dark, I didn't know it was a sequel. Needless to say, I hadn't read the first book, so I went in blind. Thankfully, author Iris Yamashita gave me enough information about characters and circumstances that I was able to follow the story with no problem. Am I curious about that first book? After reading this one and meeting the characters, yes, I am, and I intend to satisfy that curiosity.
As for this book, it's very well written, and the pacing is equally good. It's the kind of pacing that, when combined with such a good storyline, you find yourself awake late into the night, one more chaptering it until the sun rises. The characters are so well developed that you'll feel like you've met them, and you'll want to know all their secrets - there are plenty of secrets.
Between what looks like a conspiracy to figuring out who's bad and who's not, the story steadily builds in intensity as it reveals its secrets. Some elements of the story seem a bit farfetched, but the characters feel so real that I barely noticed. I won't reveal those elements because I think every reader should learn them on their own as they follow these characters through each clue.
So, I'd have to say that I enjoyed this mystery by Iris Yamashita. The story pulled me in and held on through each clue the characters uncovered, and I loved how the author paints such vivid pictures with her words. 

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