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A Blessing and a Curse
Anna Campbell
Publication date: October 31st 2023
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Blessing Savage barely remembers who she was before the unexpected death of her father, Pastor Savage. These days she clings desperately to the party girl persona she’s created for her second year of college, living with a new group of friends, joining their sorority, and partying non-stop. There’s only one thing that can kill her perpetual buzz, and his name is Camden Holbrook, the boy she’s pined for for nearly a decade.

Camden credits Blessing’s father for saving him when he was a child, giving him a place to stay when his mother abandoned him and setting him back on the right track. So when Pastor Savage asked a promise of Camden before dying – to look out for Blessing – he made a vow and meant it. Protecting Blessing has always come easily. Loving her has not. Not for someone who’s learned time and time again that love and loss are intricately interwoven.

After years of Camden keeping her at arm’s length, the last thing Blessing wants is him barging into her life. But new Blessing refuses to let Cam play knight-in-shining-armor, not when she knows – from one starry summer’s night slip-up – how he really feels about her. This time around, Blessing’s intent on pushing Camden’s limits, and she’s got some sexy new tricks up her sleeve to take him past them. Then maybe he’ll admit the truth of his feelings. Maybe the person who’s always known her best can help her find a way back to herself. Maybe she can prove to Camden that love doesn’t always destroy a person. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that can start putting them back together.

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Momma says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐
The title, A Blessing and a Curse, caught my attention, and the cover sealed the deal before I ever read the blurb. Then, once I started reading, I became totally wrapped up in the characters and their journey - because it very much is a journey. Sometimes Blessing and Camden are on separate roads, and sometimes they manage to be on the same one. The push and pull between them is as frustrating as it is emotional, and there's just no way to keep from rooting for this couple. The writing flows very well, and even the switches from past to present and back again are done smoothly. I'm not typically a fan of all the back and forth in the timeline, but Anna Campbell does an impressive job, so the transitions are well-timed. The story does have its share of sadness, so expect to shed a few tears, but there are moments of happiness as well, so it's not all doom and gloom. To sum it up, I'd say Anna Campbell's sophomore novel is one to read, and it belongs on any romance reader's TBR. 

Author Bio:

Spend more time with Anna Campbell and her stories on Instagram: @annacampbellstories

Anna Campbell has traditionally published several stories for teens over the years under a different pen name. Anna Campbell stories are mature YA/NA angsty stories about beatiful broken people who love hard and still believe in happy endings.

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