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The Poison Dart Tour and Giveaway


Some tales don’t want to be told. They’re shrouded in the dark and cloaked in danger. Sensible people leave those mysteries well enough alone. But not Debbie Bradley. After all, that’s how she makes her living. 

The Poison Dart

Debbie Bradley Crime Mysteries Book 2

by Geri Dreiling

Genre: Mystery, Thriller 

An overdose. A drug bust. A captive of the cartel. When fates collide, who will survive?

The ripple effects of an overdose send shock waves through a community.
A sweeping drug bust upends lives, exposing the cartel's deep reach into the Midwest.
A quest for a better life threatens to destroy a family.
As Debbie Bradley digs deeper into each story, startling connections emerge. When fates collide, who will survive?

What readers are saying:

“The narrative contains the right blend of mystery, crime scenes and action. It is one of those books that keeps one glued until the very end.“

“Dreiling relies more on intelligent conversations, on the proper and strategic use of lies, and on wordplay“

“Grab or download a copy, curl up with a blanket on the couch, and enjoy this good read and solid, accurate, crime story with interesting twists and turns.“

“With a talent for plot creation, patiently unwinding the threads of all angles, and never lacking for excitement, Dreiling is an author you will want to read time and time again.“

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Just seeing the lighter made Caleb’s body tingle. He’d been dreaming of this moment for sixty days. Even when he was sitting in group, claiming he was done, he knew it wasn’t true. He’d say whatever he had to just to get out. There were times that, yes, when his parents came, he felt bad. His mom would cry. His dad would remain the aloof motherfucker he always was. But his mom. That was different. Sometimes he thought he should change for her. But his mom was just no match for heroin. 

Caleb put the brown powder in the spoon from his kit. He opened the vial of distilled water. If you were going to get high, you might as well do it with style. Caleb gently moved the flame under the heroin. Slowly, evenly, he applied the heat’s gentle kisses to the drug, melting it with his slow caress. 

Caleb pulled out a syringe. He put the needle in, pulled the plunger up, then flicked the side of the syringe to force the air bubbles up. Caleb removed the rubber tube tied around his upper arm and pushed the needle into his arm. Since he hadn’t shot up for two months, the purple vein in his arm had ample time to heal. 

Liquid peace, Caleb thought as his body welcomed its old friend. 

Caleb slumped back on the couch, briefly taking in Macie as she stood on his balcony. Her back was to them, but he could tell she was jittery by how she rubbed her hands against her thighs. 

“Good ol’ Mace,” Caleb mumbled. His head, too heavy for his neck, lolled back onto the couch.

Alex picked up the spoon, ready to repeat the process with his stash. His attention focused on prepping his dose. It wasn’t until he’d shot up that he looked over at his motionless friend.

“Hey, Macie,” Alex called out, “Caleb’s noddin’.” 

Macie turned around and walked back into the living room. Just in case.

She noticed Caleb’s lips turning blue. His head was back, gurgling noises coming from his throat.

Macie pushed Caleb’s shoulder. “Caleb,” she said firmly. “Cut it out. This isn’t funny.”

Caleb didn’t move.

Crime Beat Girl

Debbie Bradley Crime Mysteries Book 1

A girl is dead. A boy is locked up. Can Debbie Bradley discover the truth before more lives are lost…maybe even her own?

A series of deadly shootings. An outbreak of stolen cars. When journalist Debbie Bradley returns home to St. Louis, the summer crime wave has started. And she’s in the center: A witness, a reporter, a target.

Debbie’s reasons for leaving behind her promising career in Washington D.C. were complicated. Her mother, a prominent lawyer, was diagnosed with cancer. Her engagement was cooling. When she got offered a job in St. Louis that she hadn’t been looking for, Debbie recognized an opportunity. Or an escape.

But she didn’t expect to come home and see a girl die. Debbie never planned to investigate a boy behind bars. And she didn’t anticipate colliding with hostile cops and wary politicians.

As her work gains attention, Debbie gathers enemies. Will her assignment to cover the St. Louis crime beat be her last?

What readers are saying:

“Intense crime story full of unexpected twists and turns” — Readers’ Favorite, 5-Star Review

“Gripping crime story…with deep themes and highlighting very real problems” — Readers’ Favorite, 5-Star Review

“A page-turner, engaging the reader from the first page to the last” — Readers’ Favorite, 5-Star Review

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Geri L. Dreiling is the author of Crime Beat Girl, the debut novel in the Debbie Bradley Mystery series, which received seven book awards. She is also the author of Erasing the Past. Dreiling is an award-winning journalist as well as professor and lawyer. She lives in St. Louis.

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