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Virtual Book Tour: Song of the Adoël by Kevin King


The part of my story that I probably put the most thought into is the magic system. I worked hard to reveal glimpses of how it works throughout the story, so on the surface it could appear a bit random. But the truth is, I have a very structured set of rules for it. I believe having structured rules for magic is important to make sure it remains consistent throughout your story, even if you never explicitly explain the rules to your readers.

Without giving away any spoilers, this is how I structured my magic system.

I have four basic categories of magic, defined by the energy source it draws from. Having a clearly defined energy source is an important fundamental rule of magic, setting its limits, restricting who can use it and how much. Proper boundaries make magic into a tool, rather than a Band-Aid for plot holes.

The first two categories draw energy from the physical body of the user, and are commonly called “Physical Arts.”

Biomancy allows the user to redirect their own physical energy, strengthening one part of their body at the expense of other parts. Using this Art, a person may become super strong for a short time, but have poor reflexes and lessened brain power. Or they might become incredibly fast, but lose their sense of hearing or taste. Extended use of this ability drains a person’s energy, using up all their body’s resources in a matter of minutes. After a few minutes, the person will collapse and sleep for an extended period, and wake up ravenous, as their body seeks to restore the energy burned. Strong emotion hinders Biomancy, and so the practice of it is often combined with meditation or other calming techniques. In theory, any person can use Biomancy. But in practice, it requires immense discipline and years of training, so only the elite ever get good at it. Powerful magic, with built-in limits.

Pathomancy allows the user to redirect their emotional energy, manifesting it as elements such as fire or lightning. By its nature, Pathomancy is tricky to learn and difficult to control. It requires strong emotion as fuel, and strong emotion can be difficult too. 


YA Fantasy Adventure

Raendel is one of the Adoël, the cursed people. Passed on to each generation, the curse drains his body of color, leaving his skin and hair a ghostly white. To protect himself from the commoners who fear what they don't understand, all of the Adoël live as servants to the royal family, using their unique skill with illusion magic to entertain bored nobility. Raendel is bound by traditions, but also by his own lack of self-confidence. Prince Kenan is the younger of two princes, frustrated by his gilded cage and the combat tutoring that feels pointless in a secure and peaceful kingdom. He dreams of adventure, of making a name for himself with heroic deeds. An unexpected assault from an ancient enemy sets the two on a quest that begins as pursuit of vengeance, but soon leads them into a struggle for survival that will teach them both that they are small pieces of a long, dark history. But even the smallest actions can change the fate of a kingdom.

Raendel wove through the room with practiced ease, gliding between isolated clumps of noblemen scattered across the room, passing the time with idle gossip as they waited for the guest of honor to arrive. His gaze flicked along the way in front of him, choosing the path that would keep him farthest away from the guests. Most of them wore enough perfume to give him a headache from five yards away. The enhanced sense of smell shared by the Adoël only added to Raendel’s trepidation. All the nobles stank of pride. The smell of fear drifted in clouds, especially near visitors who had never seen one of the Adoël before. Raendel spent most of his day inside the castle, serving Prince Kenan.

His distinctive features would have drawn stares even without the stories. The name Adoël had been used to frighten children for generations.  Mothers would clutch their children as he passed in the street. Don’t go outside at night or the Adoël will get you. Don’t wander into the woods, the Adoël will catch you and suck the life out of you. Each passing generation believed the stories a bit more than their parents. To encounter an Adoël in person resurrected the terrors planted in the hearts of children now grown. 

Whispers swirled in his wake. Ghost-child. Cursed. Tainted. Touched by the Necromancer. Raendel had heard them all before, but he still flinched with every sting.

Kevin works as a software developer in the Seattle area by day, and an author by night. He enjoys Renaissance Fairs, bookstores, fencing, and daydreaming. He has been reading fantasy from age six, and writing from age twenty-two. He loves exploring fantasy worlds, especially exploring human nature through fiction. Fantasy is his first love, but he also dabbles in sci-fi, creepy horror, and devastatingly sad dramas. He posts regular flash fiction stories to his Instagram account and website.






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