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The Serendipity of Catastrophe by Lisa Fellinger Virtual Book Tour


Day In the Life of the Author

When people think of an author, they often assume that said individual gets up in the morning and writes for eight hours the way most people with a “normal” job do. But the reality is, very few authors actually spend their full day writing. For many of us, writing time happens in the little nooks and crannies between the rest of our lives, and finding the time to write and then protecting that time can be a challenge.

For myself, I’m a mom to a three-year-old as well as a developmental editor and book coach, so my schedule is a bit different each day. I find the most important thing I can do for my own writing is to make sure I plan out my writing times for the week and then stick to them to the best of my ability. Since I don’t have a specific time each day that works best for me, I find that if I don’t spend some time at the beginning of the week to schedule out my writing time, the week will fly by without getting any writing done. Between mom life, client work, and trying to fit in some exercise, all of my time and energy can easily be eaten up. So, on Sundays, I sit down with my planner and make my list of To-Dos for the week, including whatever writing goals I have for myself. And then I schedule in the days and times I’ll write that week. Once they’re written in pen, it becomes a commitment and I treat it like any other client commitment I might have. Because my commitment to my own writing is just as important to me.

People often ask me if it’s possible to write a book while working a full-time job or being a stay-at-home mom, and my answer is absolutely! It can be challenging, and it requires determination and perseverance to find the time and stick to it, but if it’s a goal that’s important enough to you, you absolutely can make it happen. It may not happen as quickly as you’d like, but the time will pass anyways. Small progress is still progress!

A mother defeated by anxiety. A daughter determined not to become her mother. Can one month in Europe reunite them?

Anita Lorello is paralyzed by grief. When her husband dies in an accident the night before a long-awaited retirement trip, she’s devastated by the loss of her partner and once again shelves her dream to finally visit Europe. But when her estranged daughter agrees to accompany her nearly a year later, Anita is eager for the opportunity to repair their relationship.

Carrie Lorello’s life is crumbling. After a night of clouded judgment ends in her being fired, her mother’s offer of a one-month paid vacation seems like her best option. But she refuses to get caught up in her mother’s irrational worries and critical comments, and under no circumstances is she to learn what a failure Carrie’s proven to be.

Desperate not to lose her daughter again, Anita fights to conquer her anxiety and become the mother Carrie always wanted. But as Carrie’s life grows more and more complicated, her mother is the last person she wants to confide in.

Without anyone else to hold them together, can Anita and Carrie overcome their differences, or will the secrets between them derail their trip and destroy their relationship for good?

The Serendipity of Catastrophe is an emotionally compelling work of women’s fiction. If you enjoy travel stories, complex mother-daughter relationships, and lovably flawed characters, you’ll love this hopeful story of resilience and second chances.

They ultimately decided on Paris as their first of many adventures, but before they put down a deposit with the travel agent, Anita learned she was pregnant once again. Instead of planning visits to Notre Dame and the Louvre, her focus turned back to baby strollers and car seats, onesies and sleep training theory. Paris would always be there.

But all these years later, Anita barely knew that daughter. With Victor gone, her link to Carrie disappeared. Her phone calls home were infrequent and short, and she never shared anything about her life other than the most basic facts. Anita hadn’t pressed her for more, desperate not to widen the fissures in their relationship further, yet perhaps she’d inadvertently done just that. 

As much as the thought of never seeing Europe devastated Anita, the thought of losing her daughter completely crushed her heart. A month together in Europe was likely Carrie’s worst nightmare, but if by some miracle her daughter agreed to the trip, she couldn’t think of a better opportunity to improve their relationship, to prove she could be the mother she’d always intended to be. 

She rose and went back into the kitchen for the phone, the London travel guide still in hand. Meredith was right. Worst-case scenario, Carrie would say no. In fact, it was almost guaranteed she would.

Anita drew a deep breath, trying to keep her hope in check. She punched in Carrie’s cell phone number and prepared for her daughter to turn her down. 

But what if she said yes?

Lisa Fellinger writes contemporary women's fiction with lovably flawed, relatable characters. When she's not writing her own stories, she's helping others achieve their writing dreams as a book coach and developmental editor. She lives in Buffalo, New York with her husband, son, and fur babies.

Website: www.lisafellingerauthor.com

Buy Link: https://books2read.com/u/ml6kpq 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisafellingerauthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisafellinger_author/

Lisa Fellinger will award a $20 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner.


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    1. Thanks, Cali! Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I love the cover and the excerpt.


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