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Guest Post

A day in the Life of the Author

I’m not sure I should attempt this, but at the risk of boring my readers, a typical weekday in my life is quite routine, as I’m sure is the case with most people. Routine brings order to our lives, so with that in mind my day goes something like this:

I usually wake up at between 3:30 and 4:00 a.m., sometimes it’s 5:00 a.m. The first thing I do is check for e-mails on my phone, the Google newsfeed for my quirky fix and then anything on the Facebook feed, in that order. I then begin a series of stretching exercises, lift weights, then progress to my yoga floor exercises. I then hit the exercise bike before getting on the treadmill, plugged into who you might ask? Why Bob Dylan, of course or Leonard Cohen. I never cease to be amazed or inspired by their brilliance. Just sayin’

After a shower I go to my computer and check out my Facebook author page and reply, react, etc. Then I check out a couple of other Facebook pages that have also become part of my routine. I also check the weather. Following that I write in my gratitude journal and read daily passages from two different inspirational books. By now it’s time to call my father, also an early riser, and we discuss the weather, as well as anything new or exciting going on in the world or with the family.

Then I review my schedule for the day and begin to prioritize tasks, which are mostly writing related, although also include both indoor and outdoor work. I eat my meals at the same time every day, when I’m not on the road, at nine, one and six.

I don’t watch television. Any entertainment comes via Youtube or a DVD, and a good book which I always have on the go.

When I’m writing a book it’s basically wall-to-wall writing (except for the exercises), at 8,000 words per day and when I’m preparing a manuscript for my proofreaders, that pretty much fills my days until I’m done. I don’t like things that drag out so I put full effort into whatever project I’m working on.

I used to make time for more in my life (I still visit regularly with family and friends of course) until almost two years ago. That’s when I found my husband dead on the floor and was unable to revive him. Everything changed for me that day.

I love writing my books. They bring me most of the happiness I have now and it gives me real joy to share them with my readers.

The motion picture, Retribution, could be the big break Alexandra Martel has been waiting for. A Canadian movie star and strong female lead, even greater success may be within reach. But she also envies her married sisters, and has been hoping to meet her own soulmate.

Dr. Beau Remington, handsome male lead is the hometown veterinarian. He’s been contracted by motion picture execs to be on set when animals are called for, so when he and Alexandra eventually cross paths there is undeniable chemistry. However, Hollywood heartthrob James Langford has already laid claim to the striking young actress and tries to stop the budding romance.

Then everything changes at sunrise one morning when Alexandra goes for a run alone in the picturesque Belleisle, New Brunswick countryside. That’s when the man who’s been stalking her for weeks finally makes his move. She must endure the terrifying ordeal of being kidnapped and drugged in this Eastern Canada romantic suspense.


The old dog, soaked from a tumble into the icy water and limping badly, continued to pick its way along the creek that rushed between steep boulder-strewn banks. Beau Remington, far above on horseback, spotted the bedraggled canine and quickly dismounted, clamouring down the embankment toward it. With one arm wrapped around a sturdy yellow birch to anchor himself, he stretched forward to scoop up the small dog and slipped it inside his jacket. Steadying the terrified animal with one hand he then began the climb back up to the trail where his horse, Chance, waited patiently.

He talked to the dog soothingly, the rich timbre of his voice comforting as the shivering slowly began to subside within the warmth of leather on a cool spring day. Beau urged the gelding into a trot for the final half-mile to his ranch nestled deep in the rolling hills of Belleisle, New Brunswick, Canada’s picture province. He loved the quiet solitude, but soon the area would have some unlikely visitors when they started shooting the movie, Retribution, a few miles up the road. As a veterinarian he’d already agreed to be on set when animals were scheduled to appear in the movie, so it should be an interesting experience.

The dog whimpered plaintively against him, reigniting Beau’s anger at the insensibility of some selfish, cold-hearted pet owners. This had definitely been a dump, an old dog, half-blind and likely no longer wanted. The poor thing had either been lame before being abandoned, or injured in the fall, and it was because of situations like this that he’d dedicated his life to animals.

Eden Monroe writes about real life, real issues and struggles, and triumphing against all odds. A proud east coast Canadian, she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, and a good book.




Eden Monroe will award a $15 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner.


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