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Blurb Blitz: Catch a Cowboy by Rachelle Paige Campbell



Rachelle Paige Campbell


Sweet Contemporary Western Romance


Kincaid Ranch’s lead cowboy, Ted Stirling, isn’t looking for romance or entanglements. He settled in Herd, Montana over a decade ago after a devastating loss. He’s seeking comfort and friendship. Nothing more. If he was going to try for love again, he would pick someone sweet and sunny, exactly like kindergarten teacher, Stephanie Patricks. But she’s too young for him.

Stephanie has nursed a crush on quiet, handsome Ted for years. Unfortunately, every time she’s around him, she gets tongue-tied. She only seems to be able to find her words when she’s working with her students. When Ted’s sister unexpectedly arrives in town with his five-year-old niece in tow, he needs help, and Stephanie is just the woman to provide it.

A sudden emergency puts into sharp focus exactly how fragile life is, and Ted needs to decide whether to open his heart again, or let love slip away forever.



Ted didn’t land on the ground with his usual grace. His jeans snagged on the top rail and his back foot caught. His palms scrapped against the rail. He fell in a heap on the ground. 

Tires squealed as the car stopped on the shoulder. 

“Ted? Are you okay?” Stephanie shouted.

He winced and sat up, easing his legs out in front of him. Testing his muscles, he’d ache in the morning but hadn’t twisted his major leg joints. He waved a hand. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re bleeding. Hold on,” she called. 

He sucked in a breath and flipped over his palms. She was right. He’d torn through the top layer of skin and bled in several sections. The wounds didn’t look deep enough for stitches but he’d have to keep bandages on and use his work gloves for a few days. He should have worn the gloves before he’d hopped the fence, but he’d been so sure of his abilities his ego led to his fall.

“May I see?” Stephanie asked in a soft voice. 

He met her concerned gaze and swallowed the lump in his throat. With her knees pressing into the ground, she was close. Almost as near as last night when she’d kissed him. 

His cheek burned from the memory of the tender press of her lips. Would she kiss his palms? He didn’t think that would make him all better but he wasn’t about to stop her from trying.

“May I?” she asked again.


Rachelle Paige Campbell writes contemporary romance novels filled with heart and hope. She believes love and laughter can change lives, and every story needs a happily ever after.





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  1. Nothing quite so humbling as falling to the ground in front of your crush! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. What inspired you to start writing?

    1. I have always loved writing. As a kid with a big imagination, I could play alone with my dolls for hours and wrote stories for them. When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided to finally write a book.

  3. This sounds like an interesting read.


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