Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shacking Up by Helena Hunting

I just finished Helena Hunting's newest book, Shacking Up.
My Rating: 3 out 5 stars. 
The book is a romantic comedy, written in first person, dual POV. It is very well-written, the story has good flow, the characters are interesting. There is a fairly high steam level, so definitely 18+ on that front.

Bane and Ruby meet the first time by accidental kiss (if you want an explanation of that, you'll have to read the book 😉), then they meet officially through mutual friends. Through a variety of circumstances, Ruby agrees to live in Bane's penthouse and pet sit some rather unusual critters while he's out of the country. What follows is several weeks of calls and texts filled with flirting and sexual innuendo. The conversations between Bane and Ruby are witty and amusing, and Ruby does tend to get herself into some funny situations, which keeps the story from lagging too much. Once things do finally heat up with this pair, the story picks up and is quite enjoyable, it just seemed to take its time getting there. 

The main characters are likable and I liked Ruby's best gal pal, Amie. I can't say the same for much of Bane's social circle, and found it a bit odd that for such a sweet guy, he was completely surrounded by... Well, jerks, for lack of more appropriate word (or at least one that is family friendly). Of course, much of the book tends to poke a bit at the elite, old money crowd, which most of the characters are from. 

Overall, if you're into the instalove theme with a quick and dirty story that is so prevalent today, then this is not the book for you. It does get steamy, but it's certainly not instalove, or even fairly quick love, for that matter. The author does have a good writing style, and she is obviously talented, so I would check out more of her work. In fact, there seemed to be more than meets the eye with Amie and Armstrong's relationship, and I found myself very curious about those two throughout this story. If the author would see fit to write that one, I would happily check it out. Hint, Hint!

Shacking Up is available for purchase at the following links, so if wit, a bit of fun, and a slow build romance is your thing, check it out.

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