Saturday, June 17, 2017

One More Try by Felix Brooks & Andrea Dalling

We had a family get together today and we all know how... Umm... Fun, yeah, fun is the word I'm looking for😏, those can be. Sooo, when I made my escape, I curled up on the couch to read and relax for a bit. The newest book in the I'm Your Man series, One More Try, did the trick.

Momma Says 4 out 5 stars
One More Try is the third book in the I'm Your Man Series, by Felix Brooks and Andrea Dalling. The book is well-written in third person POV with engaging characters and an interesting story line. It's a quick read, only about an hour and a half read time, so it's perfect for losing yourself for a bit on a lazy afternoon. It fits well into the Romance genre and is MM with some steam, so 18+ and while it is part of a series, it works well as a stand alone. 

The I'm Your Man series spans the various stages of the romance between Rhy and Mason. While they are the main characters in each book, there are no cliffhangers and a reader wouldn't have any problem following the story in any of the books. Although, I do recommend reading the whole series - it's just too sweet to miss any of it. Just in case you aren't familiar with the series, book one is Kissing a Fool and book two is Careless Whisper.

One More Try focuses on Rhy dealing with his family problems and figuring out his own life in connection to Mason. The feelings that these two have for each other are plain to see throughout the story and they are so sweet together. Rhy's journey is absolutely heartbreaking as he deals with intolerance from the people he should most be able to depend on, but he finds hope where he doesn't expect quite so much of it. 

If you enjoy MM Romance with some great characters and even a sweet puppy, the whole series is available on Amazon and is listed in Kindle Unlimited. You can find One More Try here.

You can also check out the author's Amazon pages at the following links to check out their other work.

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