Saturday, June 24, 2017

Royal Beast by Nikki Chase

I love fairy tales and Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite, so I couldn't wait to crack open this modern day retelling by Nikki Chase. What I found was dark and twisted and oh, so steamy!

Momma Says 4 out of 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Royal Beast is well-written in first person, dual POV. True-to-form, Chase gives us some great characters and witty dialogue. The book is certainly a Steamy Romance with a Dominant/Submissive story line, so it also falls into the 18+ category. Now, for the cover! I just love this one. Doesn't he fit the grumpy and so sexy beast perfectly?

This is not the fairy-tale your momma used to tell you! At least, I hope not!😉 Nikki Chase gives a dark, steamy retelling of the classic, set in modern day with pesky news media attention.

James is every bit the beast with his overbearing, dominance and heart of gold underneath it all. Rosemary is sweet and innocent, and the perfect submissive for him, at least in the bedroom. I loved the dialogue between this couple, especially when James so often found himself on the wrong side of the dom/sub side of the conversation.

While it is a dom/sub relationship and there are some pretty strong scenes mentioned, the scenes between this couple are lighter. They are still steamy - like fan yourself steamy - but it's more BDSM light, so it's not completely over the top.

Overall, we get a modern day telling of the fairy tale (including the chipped tea cup!) with plenty of steam, a beast of a man hidden away from public eye, an innocent girl who may be just what he needs, an evil queen, and two sisters who make Cinderella's stepsisters look angelic. If you like fairy tales and dark romance, I highly recommend that you check this one out - it's a great combination of both.

Royal Beast is available on Amazon and is listed in Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks for joining me! I have a bit of the paranormal up next.


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