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Slapshot Series by Heather Myers

After my last less than stellar read, I wanted something fun. I read the second book in Heather Myers' Slapshot series a while back - actually before I started this blog - and have been meaning to check out the first book. So, that is just what I did. A little birdie tells me that book three is up for preorder now, so I thought I'd cover both books in the series here.

My Rating: 5 out 5 stars
The books are well-written and fun, with engaging characters and story lines. Both books in the series do work as standalones, but they do focus on the Newport Beach Seagulls hockey team, so you'll get to know the characters. The series fits nicely into the Sports Romance genre. There is some steam in both books, so certainly 18+. It should also be noted that physical and mental abuse is mentioned in Exes and Goals, for those with triggers.

Now for the fun stuff! Check out those covers!
*Note that Lip Locks & Blocked Shots is currently on preorder and I haven't read it yet - notice the yet - so this review is only for the first two in the series.

As mentioned, the series focuses on a hockey team and it's owners, staff, players... You see where this is going. While Myer's hot hockey players are ruthless on the ice, they prove to be something else entirely on a personal level.

Exes & Goals has Harper, new blogger for the team, and Zach, new to the team but not the sport. From the title, it's obvious that there is an ex involved to bring some drama into this couple's new romance, and Harper has some issues to work through regarding that ex. Zach is an all around great guy and more than happy to show Harper that not all guys are like her jerk of an ex boyfriend. This one does mention physical and mental abuse and that is always hard to read about, but the author handles it all very well in the way that Harper deals with it.

Black Eyes & Blue Lines has us focusing on Katella, party girl sister of the controlling owner of the team, and Negan, the team's newest acquisition. I did read this one first and had no trouble following the story, but I fell in love with the characters and had to read book one. Kat and Negan are great together, even if they don't know it. They butt heads at every opportunity and to anyone watching, it looks like they can't stand each other. But, you know what they say about that thin line between love and hate. Crossing that line makes for some fan yourself, steamy scenes in this one! Of course, there is a bit of drama by way of Katella's ex boyfriend who has returned to the team. Matt makes for the perfect protagonist, although, it's unclear, at first, if he's just being a jerk or if he wants Kat back.

Bonus points to Heather Myers for actually including game play in both books! You've all seen my rants about a book being labeled as something, but not living up to the label, well, this sports romance is exactly that. These are hockey players and we get to see them during game play. For those that don't care for the sport or don't know anything about it, don't worry, it's easy to follow what happens on the ice and you don't have to be a hockey fan to enjoy these tales!

Overall, I can easily recommend either of these books. The story lines are interesting and the characters are so easy to fall in love with. I've read the blurb for book three and can't wait to see if Seraphina finally gets her man (a bit of side story from the first two books). If you have Goodreads, you can add Lip Locks & Blocked Shots to your TBR list, here. I certainly have!

The Slapshot Series is available for purchase at Amazon. Just click on the titles for either of the first two in the series or the pre-order link for book three.

Exes & Goals

Black Eyes & Blue Lines

Lip Locks & Blocked Shots (pre-order)

You can also find all three on Heather Myers' Amazon author page, here.

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