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✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Denai Storm by Tiffany Shand

I've made no secret about my love of Urban Fantasy and when I happen on a series, I'm always excited. There is a downside to that, though. Eventually, that series will come to a close and when it's one that I enjoy as much as Tiffany Shand's Excalibar Investigations series, I have mixed feelings - eagerness to know how it all plays out and a bit of sadness as saying goodbye to favorite characters. That was the case with Denai Storm, the final book in the series.

Momma Says: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Denai Storm is wonderfully written in third person POV and fits perfectly into the Urban Fantasy genre with its witches and magic. It also has elements of Mystery, Suspense, and Action. It is the final book in the Excalibar Investigations series and it is a continuing story, so I recommend reading the series in order. The story does have it's steamy moments and its fair share of violence, so I advise discretion on age appropriateness. 

After her husband, Jason, is kidnapped, Denai witch Cate McCray will stop at nothing to get him back. Cate, her team of enforcers, Excalibar and her allies venture into the country of Setara to find Jason and bring him home.
The rescue comes a heavy price when Jason is unable to remember what happened to him during his missing time. While a dangerous new killer lurks on the streets of their city, making the team wonder what kind of new enemy the Covenant has sent after them now, and what price they’ll all have to pay for going up against them.

This final book in the Excalibar Investigations series sees Cate and Jason in more danger than they've seen previously. Denai Bound ended in a whopper of a cliffy with Jason being kidnapped, so of course, this one picks up with Cate's search for him. The troubles keep coming and their bond is at risk with Jason's memory loss, enemies to fight at every turn, and another mystery to solve. As the final battle with Oberoth and Vicus looms, allies come from unexpected places and the the team faces losing someone near and dear. Denai Storm is everything an Urban Fantasy finale should be. It's action packed, gripping, a bit romantic, and full of magic, and that ending was absolutely perfect. It's bittersweet to say goodbye to such great characters, and I look forward to whatever this talented author comes up with next. 

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Denai Storm is set for release on August 28th and is currently available for Pre-order on Amazon. The book will also be available on Kindle Unlimited. 

All three books in the Excalibar series will be released in one boxset on September 11th, also on Amazon.

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