Wednesday, October 18, 2017

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ One More Chance by Rachel Kane

The Boys of Oceanside series by Rachel Kane has a new addition - One More Chance.

When I was a teenager, I ran away from home--and away from Cave, the only guy I've ever loved. Our town was too small for my big dreams of stardom. Now the whole world knows me, they love my music, and I've got everything I've ever wanted. So why isn't it enough? Why does it feel like something's missing...something like love? I never dreamed I'd be running back home, searching for something real in my life, but when I find Cave again, I realize he's exactly what I need. Cave has a life of his own, he's a single dad of a sweet little baby, and even has a new puppy. It's like he grew up in ways I never had to. Does he really have room for someone like me in his life? I need him, I want a second chance with him more than anything I've ever wanted, even if it costs my career and all the stardom I worked so hard to achieve.

One More Chance is available on Amazon.
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Momma Says: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

One More Chance is the third book in the Boys of Oceanside series, and while we do get to see past faves from the series, this one can easily be read as a standalone. It's a second chance romance and Cave and Ransom will knock your socks off.
The story does have a bit more angst than I usually care for, but Kane keeps the story moving along nicely with her compelling characters that drive you crazy even as you can't help but root for their happy ending.
My heart went out to the stoic Cave and even the rather spoiled Ransom with his stuck between a rock and a hard place situation. Several times throughout the story, I found myself wishing that Cave would just shake Ransom until his teeth rattled to set him straight, and more than once, I wished I could it myself. But, this pair is so darn sweet together that I couldn't stay frustrated with either of them for long.
Overall, this is a second chance romance, but it is also a story of standing up for what's right and being proud of who you are, regardless of the cost. 


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