Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nicole J Merchant's A Very Grim Fairytale: The Diary of a Savior

Fairytales can be frightening

A Very Grim Fairytale
The Diary of a Savior

Two clans. Two curses. One brave elf.

Long ago, when love was forbidden between a prince and a poor maiden, two elves fell in love. But, tragedy and despair soon followed, and they cursed the clans they called their own. Now, centuries later, the Elders of the two clans have devised a plan—a plan to rid them of the curses for good. The problem is, only one elven girl can achieve it.
Young Evangeline Blackstone doesn’t have a care in the world. Barely twenty she does what all elven girls her age do—party, shop, and look for the cutest guys. That is until her mother drops a strange book on her desk—a book with blank pages. Evangeline knows no such sorcery, but finds out soon enough why the pages are blank.
The Elders call her the savior. The one elf that can rid the clans of the evils cursed upon them long ago, and she is to document her every action. Will she be able to accomplish such a monumental task, or is she destined for failure like all the rest?

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About Nicole:
Nicole was born in Vancouver, Washington, and is the mother of three amazing boys, and married to the love of her life. She has enjoyed writing since she was young, dabbling with poems and other short pieces for many years of her life. 
Inspiration for her first novel hit her when a couple of her close friends suggested she take her writing further. She started her first full-length novel after that.
Nicole lets her imagination run wild, and her characters run the show.
She has never grown out of believing in fairy tales or happily ever afters, and to this day, hopes to meet a fairy one day—if not that, at least a vampire. She believes that all dreams can come true. If you believe hard enough, nothing is impossible. Dreams are just realities not yet started, and with hard work, passion, and a never give up attitude, anything is possible.

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