Friday, March 16, 2018

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Jayden by Becca Fanning

MC Bear Mates Book 9
by Becca Fanning

Jay and Kon have always done everything together. And since Jay has few pain receptors, Kon has always kept a keen eye on his brother. But there comes a moment in every twin’s life when they will have to do things different, and even apart. And they learned this lesson the hard way when they met their mate, Leila; a human no less. Even harder is she is a run away from a cult that will make her acclimating to their world a lot harder. 

Leila knew the two bikers were following her. After all, she has stolen a lot of money from her boss in order to pay for her grandmother’s medical bills. But after her family rejected her for a second time, she knew she couldn’t run any more. So when they stopped to help her fix her tire, she knew soon that she couldn’t deny them any longer. 

But the weeks to follow will be filled with tension as Leila comes to accept the fact that both these men are her mates and that they’ll be together for the rest of their lives, but here is the main problem. Leila doesn’t even have a single idea what intimacy is or what it’s supposed to be like, so it will take her mates much patience to teach Leila about the joys of intimacy and how it’s nothing to fear with the ones you love. 

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning brings the MC Bear Mates saga to a close with this steamy reverse harem Bear Shifter novel!

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Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

It's hard to believe this is the ninth MC Bear Mates book and it closes out the series. These characters have become like old friends and I've looked forward to catching up with them as the series has progressed. This final book brings Leila into the mix with her fated mates, Jayden and Kon. Given her upbringing, Leila is completely innocent and knows absolutely nothing about relationships. While the cult angle was a bit on the extreme side, it did work for the story and I loved the different ways that Jay and Kon approached Leila. They were both so patient with her and each had their own way of explaining the mating bond and how it all works, and even though Leila takes some time to come to terms with it all, we get some happy bears and a sweet and sexy romance to finish out the series. 

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