Thursday, March 22, 2018

Release Boost for The Good Doctor by Andi Jaxon

Good Dr Now Available

The Good Doctor by Andi Jaxon

The Good Dr Andi Jaxon Ecover

The Good Doctor

By Andi Jaxon
Military Romance

I live in the hospital, working 18 hour days. My entire life consists of running from patient to patient until I meet her. The girl that is afraid of her own shadow. She starts out as a patient, but thoughts of her consume me. One phone call leads to me meeting her amazing little girl which changes everything. With the help of my new partner in crime, I set out to try and save her from a life of fear. Can she learn to trust me with her life and both their hearts?
**** TRIGGER WARNING: contains mention of physical and emotional abuse. Although no abuse is written out it is described, at times in detail. ****

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What others are saying about The Good Doctor:

"This story is sure to pull at your heart strings. Domestic violence is an ugly thing, but Andi Jaxon took something horrific and told a beautiful story. You can’t help but fall for Adam and everything he does for Isabel and Sophie." -Courtney

"I read the blurb and it intrigued me. What I didn't expect was to be in tears right from the beginning and I knew that I was going to need comfort food because it was going to be one of those stories." - 1-Click Addict Support Group

"A beautiful story about finding yourself and finding help, love and happily ever after in a place you weren't even looking. This story deals with a very difficult subject. Abuse is one thing that should never be tolerated but its so hard to walk away from. I can attest to this. Waling away and starting again is the hardest thing you will ever do but it will also be the best start to the rest of your life. Watch out for triggers but so worth the read. An emotional rollercoaster that ends in an HEA." - Teresa

"I love this book! It runs you through every emotion. And makes you realize that there are good people everywhere." -Jennifer

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Author Bio:
Raised all over the country, I'm an interesting mix of East Coast meets West Coast with a little bit of Southern thrown in, just for good measure. I married a sexy man in uniform who let me spawn and am now raising a mutinous army of hell raisers that I created myself, all while he defends our country. I drink too much coffee until it's late enough to drink too much wine and is sexually frustrated for your freedom. I never thought I would be a writer, it was never an interest of mine. But when the voices start in and won't let you sleep, you write so they STFU and leave you alone for a while. If you see me online, I'm probably sitting in a closet, hiding from my kids. I'm sarcastic, love a dirty alpha male, and love to laugh.

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