Tuesday, December 18, 2018

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Indecision by Brittany Fuller

Book 1
by Brittany Fuller 

Noah knew one thing in life, he would never let a woman rearrange his world ever again. After giving up his future once for what he thought was true love, he headed out towards the West Coast in hopes of putting his past behind him. 

Now, after one year trying to fit into the fast-paced lifestyle, he’s ready to pack up and head back to the south.

That is, until he meets her. The one woman he can’t help but be drawn to. As he finds himself ready to surrender everything once again, he’s suddenly forced to realize the girl of his dreams just might not be willing to do the same.

Evelyn has had the same dream since she can remember - to land a job at the LA Times. She is determined, driven and not willing to compromise. 

Although, the night a tall handsome stranger comes to her rescue in a dark corner of a downtown bar, her life is suddenly changed and forever rearranged. 

Suddenly, she finds herself torn between the life she always wanted, and the one man she’s afraid to live without. 

Although, when she’s offered her dream and the chance of a lifetime, does she take it, or does she choose him?


Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐

Indecision is the perfect title for this one as Evelyn's back and forth about a relationship with Noah plays a huge part in this story. Even as she goes on dates, spends time with, and can't seem to get enough of Noah, she has a lot of doubt about what she might be willing to give up or how committed she is - sometimes a bit too much. The middle of the story is more drawn out than I'd prefer with a lot of talk about this couple spending time together without much else happening in the story. Then we come to the big conflict where things do pick up. That conflict is more a big misunderstanding and could've easily been avoided with a little communication, which was frustrating for me. The characters in this one were a hit and miss. I really liked Noah, who once he makes up his mind, makes the necessary moves to further the relationship. Evelyn, on the other hand, left me cold at times. I would like her well enough one minute, and then she would do something on par with a teenager looking for attention. Just one example is when she uses someone else, someone vulnerable to her attentions, just to get Noah to pay attention to her. There were other times, but rather than give spoilers, I'll just say that she rubbed me the wrong way sometimes with actions that didn't fit with a grown woman trying to build a career for herself. As for her best friend, Gwen, I don't think she could've been any more self-centered, and if Gwen actually did have Evelyn's best interests at heart, I didn't see it. Evelyn's brother and company are fun characters, especially Rex. He's a playboy, but doesn't make excuses for it and just one of those fun-loving guys. The tie in between Noah and Evelyn that they didn't even know about does make for an interesting tidbit. There is a pretty big cliffy for the book, which leaves more than one thing up in the air. Of course, as the story gets closer and closer to the end, it's easy to see that coming, especially with the set up earlier in the book. I don't have anything against cliffhangers, but with so much lag time in the middle, I can't help but wonder if it was necessary here. Finally, I have to note that there are a number of errors in the book, mostly by way of misspelled words - barley instead of barely, siting instead of sitting, that type of thing. They aren't so bad that they take too much away from the story, but they could've and should've been avoided. In the end, there were things I liked and things I didn't about this one, but I probably will check out the next part of the story to see where it goes from here. 

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