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Book Blitz: Restoration by Beau Adams

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Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Life
Non-Fiction, Christian Living
Date Published: December 2018
Publisher: Crossover Communications

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God has a vision for you and me. The rest of the world may not see it. People might even consider some of us beyond repair. No matter where we've been or what kind of mess we've made of our lives, God can see through it to the beauty of a complete restoration. This book can show you how he can heal your soul and heal your life in such a miraculous way you will find yourself to be better than ever before.

Other Books by Dr. Beau Adams

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Seven Stupid Things People Do to Mess Up Their Lives: (and how not to do them)
self-help, Christian Living, Personal Growth
Publisher: Straitjacket Press
Published: February 2017

You don’t have to be stupid to make stupid mistakes—some of the brightest minds in history have done horrible things and then had to live with the consequences. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew someone wise enough to guide you away from thoughtless acts and toward a better life?

Dr. Beau Adams, the pastor of Community Bible Church, has access to just such a man—and so do you. His name was Solomon, and he was the wisest man who ever lived.

Drawing from the book of Proverbs, Adams interprets Solomon’s insights for a modern audience. You’ll discover seven stupid ways people mess up their lives. Equally importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid those traps and make a better life for yourself.

Discover the pitfalls of following the wrong crowd, speaking without thinking, indulging laziness, and surrendering to anger. Solomon’s wisdom addresses debt, sexual immorality, and more—while also offering peaceful, practical advice.

You may no longer live in Solomon’s world—indeed, centuries have passed since he wrote the book of Proverbs. Human beings, however, have not changed, and a wise mentor can make all the difference in your life.

Let Dr. Adams connect you to that mentor.

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Stones of Gratitude: A Foundation for a Richer Life
Self-Help, Christian Living, Personal Growth
Publisher: Crossover Communications
Published: December 2017

In medieval times, attempts to find a way to turn ordinary matter into gold were called alchemy. We now understand alchemy to be a forerunner of the modern study of chemistry, but what if people really do have the ability to turn what they touch to gold? Would having that kind of magical power be something that interests you?

What if I told you it involves gratitude? Would you be willing to wander down that path and see if that could possibly be true?

This little book is a series of stepping stones down that path. In Stones of Gratitude, Dr. Beau Adams explains how a single act of gratitude changed the course of history for an entire nation.

About the Author

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Dr. Beau Adams received his bachelor of arts in communications from Georgia State University before earning a master's of divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He also holds a PhD in organizational leadership from the University of Phoenix.

Adams is the pastor of Community Bible Church in Stockbridge, Georgia. The church--which has a membership of six thousand Christians--reaches an audience of thousands more both locally and internationally through its online campuses and satellite locations. It has been on Outreach magazine's list of the hundred fastest-growing churches in America several times.

Adams is affiliated with Dr. John Maxwell's EQUIP Ministries, which sends pastors overseas to train other pastors and church leaders. Through EQUIP, Adams has spoken publicly in Brazil, Portugal, England, and India.

Adams is the author of Seven Stupid Things People Do To Mess Up Their Lives (and how not to do them), Stones of Gratitude, and Restoration.

Beau is married to Kim and they have two adult children. He is the owner of "the greatest dog in the world." Beau is also the Atlanta Falcons #2 fan (Kim is #1).

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