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Little Dove Tour and Giveaway

Little Dove
The Redenzione Series Book 1
by Perryen Livingston
Genre: Romantic Suspense

An emotionally gripping story about love, family secrets, and self-discovery.

A single test was all it took to turn my world on its axis. The life that I had and the life that I knew nothing about, would soon collide. Love and hate, truth and lies, bitterness and rejection, redemption and clarity- would I find my truth? I am Talyn Rose Easton-Galiano and this is my story of who I was, who I became, and ultimately who I am. They say that life is stranger than fiction... but they don't have my life.

The party starts in a few hours and I have last minute items to get on the racks. My hair is done and my face is on but if anyone walked in here right now, they would think I was robbing the place. I’m in my favorite Ramones T-shirt, cut-off shorts, and cowboy boots. Lando went home to get ready and Piper isn’t here yet. This place is going to be glitz, glamour, and noise soon. The quietness is peaceful to me. I love a good party but I also like to just enjoy the silence.
I’m in the back-storage room on the ladder when I hear the husky voice of my husband.
“Ladder. You’re on a ladder.”
“That I am. Want to hand me those last two boxes?”
“Babe, the cutoff shorts, cowboy boots.”
“Gracen! Focus. Boxes.”He adjusts his cock in his suit pants and then hands me the boxes. As I start to climb down while trying not to kill myself, he steps up to the ladder and stops me.
“I never knew I had a ladder fantasy until I walked in here but dammit, Taly, get that T-shirt and your shorts off now. The cowboy boots stay on.”
Well, well, well. I think I’m going to love this fantasy. We don’t have a whole lot of time but that’s sure not going to stop me. I yank my T-shirt off over my head and my tits are bare. No bra tonight. I peel my shorts off and toss them behind me. No panties tonight, either. My dress is too tight and I would never be caught with a case of the VPL.
“Sit on the top and spread your legs open wide. Are you wet for me?”
“Yes, babe. Want a taste?” He doesn’t say a word as he reaches for my right hand and guides it to my pussy.
“Hold your pussy open for me and hook your left foot behind my head.”
The ladder is cold against my ass but I know that Gracen is about to bring the heat. He licks a slow trail from the bottom all the way to the top. This is torture in the best way. He blows a hot stream of air right on his target and that has me wrapping my leg around him tighter.
“Patience, beautiful.”
“Gracen, stop playing.” I’m cut off when he sucks my clit into his mouth and inserts a finger into my pussy. He’s finger-fucking me while sucking my clit. I scoot forward and he knows what I want, what I need to get me to the blessed O—sucking my clit, middle finger in my pussy, and his thumb in my ass.
“Ride my fingers, babe. Use me.” I grab ahold of his head, wrap my other leg around him, too, and ride his bearded mouth and his fingers. I meet him thrust for thrust, lean down grabbing my left piercing with my teeth and yank hard. He removes his fingers and I’m about to yell at him until I hear his zipper sliding down.
“Finger-fuck yourself and lean back, all the way back.”
I might’ve been a dancer but this doesn’t seem possible. He steps behind the ladder and up on one of the rungs and wouldn’t you know, his cock is mouth level. I slurp his cock practically down my throat and suck hard. Gracen is a pleaser. I come first, literally. While I suck him, he leans his body over mine and sucks my clit. I’d complain he was suffocating me if it didn’t feel so damn good.
“Watching you has me close, beautiful. You close?” I nod my head yes and he bites my clit hard. I yell out, “Holy shit! Yes! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop!”
He sucks my clit hard and bites down once more. I’m quivering and silently screaming as I fall over the edge of an amazing orgasm just as he comes in my mouth.
As he helps me down from the ladder, I already know that Lando is going to be pissed at me. My up-do is now a haphazard, half-do and I’m sure my face has been smudged off all over Gracen’s cock.
“You never cease to amaze me, Gracen. You’d think our sex life would be stagnant after two decades but… holy shit. I hate to come and run, babe. I have to try and make myself presentable”
“You look sexy. You have beard burn on your thighs.”
“And your beard smells like me.” I kiss his lips softly and start putting my clothes back on.
“Your hair needs to stay down unless you want all the hoity-toities to see that you have an impression of a ladder on your back.”
“The hell, Gracen! Seriously?”I’m not really mad but my hair is suffocating. It’s always up unless we get a cold snap in the weather. Lando is going to be pissed off that my hair is a mess and he’s also going to tell everyone he knows how it happened. I need a cigarette and a dunk in the Champagne fountain.

Perryen Livingston is a Southern-raised, Sicilian born, self-proclaimed rebel Belle. She is a lover of espresso, great books, all things Chanel, and Great Danes.
Perryen spent two decades traveling the world with her Air Force husband and two sons. In 2016, she finally was able to put down roots in Central Florida— the land of sunshine, beaches, and Disney.
Always one who needed to be creative to thrive, whether it be ballet or fashion design— Perryen knew her next adventure lay between the pages of a novel, her novel.
When she’s not writing, Perryen lives the domestic life wifein’ and momin’: lint-rolling dog hair off her signature-style black leggings, walking around barefoot, and spending time relentlessly loving on her family.
Little Dove is her first book in The Redenzione Series and will have two more books to follow. You can stay up to date on what’s happening next by following her on social media.

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