Tuesday, May 7, 2019

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Then Came You by Kate Meader

Then Came You: A Laws of Attraction Novel
by Kate Meader 

“I love Kate Meader’s books!”—Kelly Jamieson
Aubrey Gates is the hottest divorce lawyer in Chicago, a barb-tongued stiletto with legs that go on for miles. When her cool gray eyes meet mine across the battlefield, I want her like I’ve never wanted anyone or anything. Then I remember who she is: the woman who brought me to my knees. The woman who destroyed my faith in relationships.
The woman I used to call . . . wife.
And she needs a favor from me, Grant Lincoln.
It seems my ex forgot to mention the demise of our marriage to her dear old grammy, and now we’re both expected to attend her ninetieth birthday party. In Boston. And because it isn’t already awkward enough, Aubrey and I are driving there together from Chicago. That’s more than a thousand miles of tension, heartbreak, and barely concealed lust.
A little piece of paper might say we’re over, but this road trip is the true test. I intend to get my wife back . . . and I won’t stop until “I do.”

Kate Meader’s super-sexy Laws of Attraction novels can be read together or separately:

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I've been waiting for Grant and Aubrey's story since the beginning of the series, and not so patiently waiting for their secrets about what lay behind the divorce. Boy, did they ever deliver! I felt like this pair had my heart in their hands and would alternately squeeze and stroke depending on where I was in their story. Dramatic much? Definitely, when it comes to these two, but it's hard not to be as they make their journey toward that second chance. I'm a sucker for second chance love stories anyway, so this one had me from the get-go. Add in Grant's Southern boy charm and I was a goner. I won't say that this one is more emotional than the others in the series, but it's a different type of emotion, and if you've ever been through what Grant and Aubrey have, you'll understand what I mean. With that said, I spent a good deal of this book wanting to hug Grant while itching to shake Aubrey til her teeth rattled. Not that she was solely at fault, but I so wanted her to see what was right in front of her, or better yet, to say so. In the end, both were to blame for the break-up and both had to come to grips with that to get the relationship back. In essence, some meeting in the middle was required, and when these two met, the chemistry would knock your socks off. In addition to the emotional storm of Then Came You, we also get loads of Kate Meader's wit and humor to temper the angst, plus a cranky feline who causes his own bit of trouble along the way. I've loved each couple in this terrific series, but Grant and Aubrey are my faves by far, and just one more reason this author is a must read for me. 

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