Friday, May 3, 2019

Essence of Ruin Release Blitz

Something was stolen from Zamirah. Something she had wanted to save for her first
The thieves got away with it, while she was painted with all the blame by those she
loved most. That was when the ruin began to set in. She was broken, and certain she
would never trust anyone again. 
Ambrose did not get the memo. 
Ambrose was hard headed, and he was not going anywhere. He knows Zamirah is
strong, but even superheroes need someone to lean on. If he keeps showing up, maybe
he can help her learn that even the darkest parts of her are worthy of love. It won’t be
easy, but nothing worth having comes without hard work.
Zamirah believes she is ruined, but to Ambrose she is perfectly imperfect and he
couldn’t love her more.



Though successful in her day job, Bonnie Griffin found that her creative soul was not being fed.  She longed to fulfill her dream of becoming an author, and decided to make that dream a reality. Tapping into her own inner darkness, she took a deep breath and a leap of faith, and Author B.M. Griffin was born, giving a new perspective on paranormal romance and urban fantasy.  Because of her difficult childhood, reading became an outlet and a sanctuary for Ms. Griffin. Through her avid imagination, Ms. Griffin loves creating new worlds, creatures, species, and bringing them together through action and most of all, LOVE.   When asked why she writes, she said, “Writing gives me solace. It gives me the chance to leave the world behind and lay everything out through my words. It’s the best kind of therapy.”

Ms. Griffin lives in the small town of Richlands, North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. Her works include Loving Her Scars, Aurora, her latest release, Her Hidden Scars.

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