Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Release Blitz: Operation Daddy by Ava Sinclair

It’s the perfect opportunity for youthful-looking Detective Mia Coffman—going undercover as a teenager to find out who’s running a drug ring at Millsburg High.
The only hitch?

Veteran detective Ramsey Holden will be posing as her father, and he insists they stay in character.

Operation Daddy by Ava Sinclair - OUT NOW!

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It’s the perfect undercover project for youthful-looking detective Mia Coffman - go undercover as a high-schooler to get information on who’s running a drug ring at Millsburg High. The only hitch? She’s paired with veteran detective Ramsey Holden, who will be posing as her father, and he insists they stay in character.

Despite Mia’s resistance to his method, Ramsey is firm. But he soon discovers that the roles they play feel more and more real as Mia’s challenging behaviors sparks his naturally dominant nature. When it’s apparent that Mia needs a daddy for real, Ramsey finds himself assuming a private role as a daddy dom ready and willing to give his partner both the nurturing care and hard, bare-bottom spankings she secretly craves.

But there’s still work to be done, and Mia - who’s always lost everyone she’s ever trusted - finds her personal feelings conflicting with her professional goals in a way that could cost her dearly in what becomes a very dangerous operation.

“Where did you get that?” I nod towards the implement, but I know the answer even before he tells me.
“This?” He holds the paddle up. “I made it. I figured it would come in handy.”
“You’re not using it on me,” I say with more confidence than I feel.
“I am. I’m going to bend you over that sofa, pull your pants and panties down and blister your little ass, Mia. But first, you’re going to ask me for it.”
I’m too shocked to immediately reply. “What? As if…”
“You disobeyed me, Mia. You knew what to expect. So, ask your daddy to give it to you.”
“Fuck off.” My hands have begun to shake from fear and adrenaline. I ball them up and hold them defiantly at my sides.
“Ask me, Mia. You could have texted. You could have called, especially if there was trouble. Don’t stand here and pretend you didn’t know this would happen. You knew. You broke the rules.” He pauses. “You know what I think, Mia?” When I don’t answer, he tells me anyway. “I think you want me to spank you. I think you need to be spanked. I think you need to be spanked by someone who cares enough to make you pay for any decision that could hurt you. I think you’ve been searching all your life for a man who will do what I’m about to do.”
“Don’t…” I begin.
“Don’t lie…” he says.
The words die in my throat. I was about to deny it, but I can’t. He’s right. I’m scared out of my fucking mind, but I know that when I bend over that sofa and he takes my pants down, he’ll know the truth I’m trying to hide. And I want him to know. He understands the emotional component of my need but stripping me bare will expose the physical component. The drenched panel of my panties will reveal how excited I am despite my fear.
“Ask me.” Tell him you don’t want it! “Mia, it’s okay to need it.”
Don’t let him know the truth!
“You know this has to be done, baby.”
“Please….” I ignore my inner voice. He’s right. I put myself at risk. And what’s more, I’ve not even told him what happened because I did something really, really stupid. I deserve this and use my own folly to justify what I want. I look up at him, hardly believing the words coming out of my mouth.
“I’ve been a bad girl, Daddy. Please spank me.” His expression doesn’t change. It’s still scary stern, and I don’t resist as he pushes me over the arm of the sofa. He lays the paddle on the sofa and I stare at it as Ramsey hooks his fingers into the waistband of my shorts and pulls them down along with my panties. When they reach just above my knees, he stops and I don’t have to look back to know he’s seen that I’ve soaked them, that between my legs he can see my labia, innocently smooth but slightly spread and wet, the inner lips visible and visibly slick with arousal.
“Do you think I’m terrible?” I ask, looking back. My face is flushed with shame, but what I see makes me think I might be falling in love with the man about to spank me for the second time.
His eyes are fatherly, compassionate, understanding. “No, little girl,” he says. “You don’t have a damn thing to be ashamed of.” He nods to the sofa. “Hold on. This is going to hurt.”
About the Author
While USA Today bestselling author Ava Sinclair has written across multiple genres including contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, Western, and paranormal, she's best known for writing hot Daddy Dom romances that offer engaging plots, steamy sex, and relatable characters.
Over the years, she's grown to develop a deeper understanding of why her readers love Daddy Dom books. The idea of a dominant man who provides nurturing guidance while allowing for growth is very appealing, especially when that man also knows that his partner's capacity for pleasure is tied to his unlocking the deep submission Littles experience in the care of their Daddy.
Each book she writes is a journey, both for the woman navigating her feelings, and the dominant alpha male desiring a chance to give a woman everything he has to offer, both in and out of the bedroom.
Her titles include Big Beautiful Little, Big Daddy, Daddy's World, Daddy Treatment, and Camp Daddy.

Web site www.avasinclairauthor.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Author-Ava-Sinclair-490738981084361/Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ava-Sinclair/e/B00VAYIVCOGoodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7223083.Ava_Sinclair
Instagram: https://instagram.com/about_the_author/Twitter: @authoringava
Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/ava-sinclair
Join her mailing list: http://www.avasinclairauthor.com/mailing-list

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