Friday, May 10, 2019

Release Blitz: Remember Love by Alexandra Banks

Title: Remember Love
Author: Alexandra Banks
Genre: Short Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 4, 2019
What would you do if you forgot your soulmate?
I’m Marine Recon. A scout sniper. And I’ve spent five years in hell.
Tortured. Imprisoned. Forgotten. Five years away from her.
Her name...I don’t know her name.
I only have a picture. With the words...Remember, love. Her picture has kept me tethered to the light. I would never have survived without her.
Now, I’m coming home. I’m coming back for her. There’s nothing in the world that can keep me away.
A soul doesn’t have a name, and I don’t need to remember hers to know that she’s mine.
Spoiler: Get ready for a military hero, an amnesia romance, and a love that won’t stop. Salute your favorite military man and hunker down for a super steamy reunion and an epic happily ever after.
This book is a short steamy one hour read. Because sometimes, quickies are best.
The darkness is always there. Sometimes, the inky black that clings to me like a second skin lightens to murky gray. But, it’s still darkness.
Thousands of days, spent in this hole, deep beneath the jungle—the dark and I have become one. There was a time before. Long ago, there was light. I have flashes of memory, like stars that wink only to be blotted out by the night sky. I can never hold on to them long enough to remember.
I kneel, chained to the sod wall. Manacles are at my wrists and ankles. My clothing has disintegrated and rotted in the damp. My hair and beard are long and knotted. Sometimes, I rub my hands over the web of scars on my arms. Years ago, the dictator of this hell hole and his soldiers chained me here. My partner and I, we were…there was a mortar blast…he was…I lose the thought.
Darkness returns.
I reach down to a pile of rocks and shift them aside. I feel for the photograph I stashed there, thousands of days ago.
I pull it up and hold it close. Today, the cave is a deep gray and I can make out my angel’s face. She has an expression of surprised delight. Like the person who took the photograph has caught her unaware and she’s so happy to be found. I’ve spent countless hours imagining that I was the one behind the camera. Her skin is pale and covered in freckles. Her hair is braided and loose wisps curl out from behind her ears. She’s wearing only a white T-shirt, and sits cross-legged on a rumpled bed. The sun streams through sheer curtains.
My angel has kept me alive. All these years. I would’ve broken without her.
I flip over the picture. There on the back, in soft faded ink, are the words Remember, love. I run my thumb over the phrase, tracing where her pen wrote. My angel.
Her name…I don’t know her name. I swallow. It doesn’t matter. I don’t need her name to know that I love her. A soul doesn’t have a name, and hers and mine are connected. She claimed me with her picture in this lightless place.
The darkness has ebbed. I look up. The long beams of flashlights bounce on the walls. They’re here. They’ll come down the cavern within the next few minutes. Will it be torture or water? Or both? I prepare to tunnel deeper inside my mind.
I was trained to dissociate, to dive so deep in myself that no matter the pain, I would never betray my country. But I went so deep that I cut myself off from my past completely. It’s a locked door without a key.
I tuck my angel’s picture into my pocket. I’ll hold on to her today.
One man emerges, a flashlight in his hands. I’m blinded in the light.
“They sent me.” His English is thickly accented. “You die. Finally.”

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Alexandra Banks is the pen name of two feisty friends who love to hang out and dream up steamy love stories. After graduate degrees, global managerial positions and the nine to five grind, they decided it was more fun to bring joy to the world through happily ever afters. They deliver smart, strong heroines, and heroes who love them. You'll get that romance read afterglow...every single time. Better yet, their books are short and sweet - because let's be honest, sometimes quickies are best. They love their families, their golden retrievers, and bingeing on ice cream. If you want happiness, sweet fun, and steamy romance then Alexandra Banks is for you!

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