Saturday, December 21, 2019

✱✱Book Review✱✱ A Wind of Knives by Ed Kurtz

A Wind of Knives 
by Ed Kurtz 

A quiet rancher in Civil War-era Texas emerges from an alcohol-soaked haze to find his sole ranch hand and lover has been lynched—hanged by party or parties unknown. Left with nothing but his failing ranch, Daniel Hays takes it upon himself to seek out those responsible for his lover’s death, experiencing puzzling new relationships along the way, including repeat encounters with a ghostly coyote that leads him to the final stop of his odyssey for revenge.

Momma Says: 3.5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

A Wind of Knives is a novella-length LGBT Western, taking place in Civil War-era Texas. Daniel Hays is without a doubt an interesting character with an interesting story. And it's a surprising story, at least for me. After reading the blurb, I expected a more action-driven tale with Daniel searching for vengeance for the death of his friend and lover. And he is searching for revenge or justice, however you want to slice it, it comes down to the same for Daniel. He also learns a few lessons about revenge along the way. So, while this one did have some action, it is more reflective with a healthy dose of tension, and there's a bit of the mystical by way of a coyote that shows up throughout Daniel's journey. The only drawback to this one was the ending, which felt a bit rushed, but I do have to add that there is an excellent twist toward the end that did have me sitting up and taking notice. All in all, this one was an intriguing, quick read, and I'll certainly be checking out more of this author's work. 

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