Thursday, December 26, 2019

✱✱Book Review✱✱ A Woman's Persuasion by Jeanette Watts

A Woman's Persuasion 
by Jeanette Watts 

Anne Elliot broke off her relationship with Freddie Wentworth when her family didn't approve. Almost eight years later, Freddie re-materializes in her life. She's a captain in the Air Force, successful, single, and as beautiful as ever. Mortified that she doesn't have much to show for the intervening years, Anne tries to avoid her. When contact is inevitable, her life is turned upside down. Self-doubt becomes self-improvement, old wounds are reopened and then allowed to heal, and true friends and true love win in the end.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

I knew going into this book that it was a modern-day retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion, and here's where I admit that I've never read the inspiration for A Woman's Persuasion. I know, I know, how could I have read so many books but not that one? Well, it happened. I suppose I just didn't find the time, or maybe I was more into one genre over another when that particular book came up. Anyway, what it boils down to is that I really don't know how this one compares to that one. What I do know is that the writing style and characters in A Woman's Persuasion held my attention. The story isn't fast-paced at all, in fact, it started a little bit slow, but the characters were interesting, and things do move along at a steady pace. As far as those interesting characters go, not all of them are particularly likable. Actually, there were a few that I would find intolerable if they were real people, most especially Anne's family. That said, Jeanette Watts does give us some intriguing and interesting characters whether they're likable or not. In the end, I'm not really sure I'd consider this story a romance, although there is some romance toward the end. It's more about Anne learning to assert and value herself regardless of family pressure for her to be one way or another instead of doing what made her happy. That romance I mentioned comes pretty late in the book, but it does bring a smile to your face once Anne and Freddie get it all figured out. The beauty of this story, for me at least, was Anne and her growth throughout the book. I didn't necessarily agree with why she chose to do certain things to look better and feel better, but it all did bring about positive changes and I enjoyed the story. 

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