Thursday, January 16, 2020

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Talk Dirty, Cowboy by Elle Thorpe

Talk Dirty, Cowboy 
Dirty Cowboy Book 1
by Elle Thorpe

Eight seconds to glory. One second to lose it all.
Bowen Barclay lived to ride bulls - until his single-minded focus cost his wife her life. Four years on, raising his son alone is the only thing he’s getting right. His rodeo career is going down in flames and instead of dating, he’s playing his kid’s video games.
Paisley Ackerly loves to sing. Loudly and offkey, but in the privacy of her rundown home, it’s only her children she’s torturing. Until her ten-year-old leaves his gaming console on, with a handsome cowboy still on the webcam, listening to every word.
Being accused of internet creepery isn’t the best way to meet a woman, but when an instant spark ignites between the two, it isn’t long before online chat spills over into real life dirty talk.
But while Paisley might love Bowen’s filthy mouth, when the pressures of his public career and her secret past explode, words won’t be enough to save them.
This single-parent romance brings the steam against a backdrop of professional bull riding, rodeo, and small-town cowboys.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Talk Dirty, Cowboy has a great meet-cute moment, and right from the start, Bowen and Paisley have that special something between them - even when they haven't actually met in person. Bowen is just an all-around good guy, and it's impossible not to ooh and aah over his sweetness. Of course, he can also be a little dirty, hence the title. Bowen is also a bit broken by the loss of his wife and his need to right what he considers a wrong on his part. So we have the big tough bull rider with a heart of gold. Oh, and he's a single dad, so it's a double whammy with the feels for this guy. Then we have Paisley, who drove me a little crazy at times. In fact, I really wanted to give her a good shake more than once. I won't go into details so I don't spoil it, but some of her actions were really irresponsible for a single mom, and as someone who has been a single mom, that part of her character irritated me. Otherwise, she's a likable character, and the chemistry between her and Bowen is really good. It's just easy to root for these two. We also get some interesting secondary characters, who I can't wait to see again in future books, and I have to say that Bowen's dad and Paisley's mom were absolute hoots, and they're also a couple of scene stealers almost every time they show up. All in all, this first book in the Dirty Cowboy series is a great start for the series. We get some engaging characters to want more of, a sweet and oh, so sexy romance, some big feels, and some laughs. It does have its emotional times, but overall, it's an easy read with more than one reason to smile. And after that final scene, I can't wait to get my hands on book 2.

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