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✱✱Book Review✱✱ Omega Returned by Tanya Chris

Omega Returned 
Omega Reimagined Book 4
by Tanya Chris

When Owen’s dreams of being claimed by a prince go wrong, he doesn’t know what he’ll do. Being returned to the Western Pack is shameful enough. Just wait until his father hears what he let the prince do to him.
Fortis is happy to escort Owen home because it means spending time in the woods with his beta buddy, Keesh. Keesh will help keep his urges in check with respect to the omega, but who’s going to rein in what Fortis feels for his friend? His inner alpha wants an omega, but his everything else wants Keesh.
Owen is adorable and Fortis is hot, but Keesh can never have either one of them. He’s not the omega Fortis dreams of, and he doesn’t have the knot Owen craves. It might be time to give up on these unrequited crushes and crawl home to the Central Pack.
Wolves run on instincts, and the closer Owen, Fortis, and Keesh get to Western Pack territory, the louder theirs insist they’re heading the wrong way. Will their human minds catch up to what their wolfy hearts already know before Owen gets returned?

Omega Returned is an M/M/M novella in the Omega Reimagined series. It can be read as part of the series or as a standalone. Omega Reimagined is a non-MPREG omegaverse.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Omega Reimagined series has been full of interesting characters and engaging storylines, and this fourth in the series is no different. I liked the dynamic between Fortis and Keesh in the last book, even if they weren't anything more than friends at that point, so I was happy to get their story in this book. Well, their story plus one, and as that one, Owen fits perfectly with these two. Omega Returned is a friends to lovers romance in part with Fortis and Keesh, and it is a bit of a slow burn despite being such a quick read, and I'll admit that I wanted to knock a couple of heads together more than once as these guys slowly figured things out - particularly Fortis and Keesh, and I love that young Owen seemed to be the driving force in this relationship. So, yes, these guys are sometimes an exercise in frustration, but they're all three so darn lovable, both together and separately, that I couldn't help but root for them. The books in this series are loosely connected standalones that all take place in Tanya Chris' thoroughly entertaining M/M omegaverse. Favorite characters do pop up in different books, but there is a different couple for each story to focus on. There is a bit of a continuing story arc through each book, but the author gives the needed information so it's easy to follow. Nevertheless, once you've met any of these characters, you'll want to know them all. I'm thoroughly hooked at this point, and I can't wait to see what's next in Tanya Chris' world of wolf shifters.

Prince Angel introduced him to the wolves who were going to be his companions for the next three weeks. The alpha was named Fortis. He nodded in response to Owen’s timid greeting, holding himself aloof with his arms crossed in front of him. The beta’s name was Keesh, and the warmth of his smile made up for the menacing air the patch gave him.
“Excited?” Keesh asked.
“Excited?” Owen repeated. He’d been excited on the way out. Not now.
“Yeah, excited. We’re going to have fun. Rabbits, campfires, fresh air. I made Fortis bring marshmallows.” Keesh nudged the alpha, who gave a little growl in response. Owen didn’t know what marshmallows were, but they seemed to make Fortis angry. Maybe they were heavy.
“I could carry them,” he offered. He was dependent on this alpha for the next three thousand miles and wanted to keep him happy, but Keesh laughed.
“I think Fortis can manage. That pack’s not too big for you?”
“It’s fine.” When he hitched it up higher on his shoulders, Keesh came around behind him and fiddled with the straps until it sat more firmly over his hip bones.

Betas were so nice. Maybe when Owen got back to Pertha, his father could find him a beta to mate with. A beta might not mind that he’d foolishly squandered the only thing that made him worth having.

Tanya Chris writes feminist-friendly romance in a variety of sub-genres and pairings--most especially M/M. Born on the West Coast and raised on the East Coast, she's fact-based but thirsty for justice, and her books often include an examination of a current social issue, even when they're set in the past. As a lifelong genre-hopping reader herself, she admires character-driven work with a message, regardless of the form it takes. 
Tanya is an avid rock climber, a long-distance runner, and a participant in her local community theater where she has tackled most roles, including playwright, actor, director, producer, and stage manager. Her travels, both for climbing trips and for cultural exploration, have brought her to places as fascinating as Egypt and as beautiful as the Dolomites, though there's no place like home. 
Twitter: @tanyachrs

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