Sunday, February 2, 2020

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Penny by Liz Meldon

Unbowed Novels Book 2
by Liz Meldon

Rule #2: You belong to your Sir.

I haven't submitted for anyone in ten years.
Dominating clients has always made me feel safer, even if it isn't what gets me off.
But for a million dollars, I can pretend. I can play the role of fashion god Felix Renaldi's spoiled, pampered kitten.
Only I'm not a wide-eyed submissive anymore. I've learned to how to protect myself, made myself hard--the Ice Queen of Elysium.
I can and will shield my heart, even from the one man who makes it flutter.

I've known Penny since she was eighteen.
I've watched her blossom into the exquisite creature she is today.
A hustler who bows to no one. A princess with expensive tastes. A brat in need of a firm hand.
An escort who cannot refuse my offer. Four fashion weeks, just her and me. New York. London. Milan. Paris. One million dollars. One chance to show her she can hustle and submit, speak her mind and kneel at my feet.
She denies it, but I know what she craves.
And I'm going to give it to her.
I'm going to make her scream.

Unbowed Novels is a contemporary erotic romance series featuring full-length novels that are part of the same world but can also be read as standalones.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Felix and Penny are great big scorching flames wrapped up in more emotion than they know what to do with. Okay, more emotion than Penny knows what to do with. Felix is a man who knows exactly what he wants, he just has to break down a few walls to get there. I don't pretend to know anything about Penny's particular brand of kink, and I can't say that I understand it, but that didn't keep me from thoroughly enjoying this couple's journey. Penny and Felix are just so good together, and the chemistry is off the charts. These two had my heart from the beginning - Felix with his determination, and Penny with her spunk. Both have some demons to overcome, and we even get a bit of mystery as someone works to tear them apart, but my absolute favorite thing about this one was how the romance progressed bit by bit, the way Felix kept chipping away at the walls Penny had built up to protect herself. Oh, wait! That was pretty much the whole thing from start to finish, so I guess that says it all, doesn't it? This second Unbowed novel gives us a fabulous couple, lots of steamy goodness with a bit of kink, and a romance with heart, and Liz Meldon wraps it all up in a pretty little bow that's impossible to put down. I don't know if the author has more books lined up for this world, but if any future couples are as terrific as this one, I'm all in. 

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