Monday, February 24, 2020

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Ride Dirty, Cowboy by Elle Thorpe

Sunny Burke is the all-American life of the party. The golden boy everybody loves, a talented cowboy, and the man who warms my bed at night.
In rodeo circles, they call Kai Hunt ‘Frost’ because of his determination to win and his icy exterior. He’s never made it a secret he can’t stand his best friend’s girl. Aka, me.
Then the three of us got into a car and everything changed.
Because only two left it alive.
In the aftermath, I slink back home to my little country town to lick my wounds. Yet fate has other plans. When a job offer rolls in, the assignment is simple. Tour the US on the pro bull riding tour. Write down the riders’ secrets, and then share them with the world in a weekly gossip column.
But how can I go, when he’ll be there? The man who’s avoided me ever since the accident. He’s made it clear how he feels about me, and what happened that night.
What does it matter if his gaze sets my body on fire?
What does it matter if my heart screams that he’s it? He’s the one.
It doesn’t.
Not when there’s more than just the ghosts of that night keeping us apart.
Secrets, racial tensions, and heart-stopping action explode in this BWWM interracial romance. High angst and super sexy scenes make Ride Dirty, Cowboy an unmissable addition to Elle Thorpe’s Dirty Cowboy series.
One-click or download with Kindle Unlimited today! Can be read as a standalone, and contains a complete romance with a happily ever after.
Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐
I knew from the small lead-in at the end of the first book in this series that Ride Dirty, Cowboy was going to be angsty and emotional, and Elle Thorpe certainly didn't disappoint. However, she tempers all that angst with some oh, so sexy fun, and a cowboy you just can help but fall a little in love with. Between guilt, racism, family drama, and some miscommunication, Addie and Kai have plenty of hurdles in their way, but the chemistry is so good between this pair that I was rooting for them all the way. As I mentioned, there is a lead-in to this book at the end of Talk Dirty, Cowboy, and I'll admit that it had me tapping my foot in anticipation, but this one still works well as a standalone. Several of the characters may be in both books, but the real focus is the couple, and this one is most definitely all about Addie and Kai. Both characters tug at the heartstrings and they are just so good together. This book also has a small tease to pique the interest for the next book in the series, and it looks like it's gonna be a doozy. All I know for sure is that if the first two books are any indication, I won't be disappointed.  

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