Thursday, April 23, 2020

Eye Candy Ink Tour and Giveaway

Eye Candy Ink Book 1 
by Shaw Hart 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Welcome to Eye Candy Ink...

Meet Atlas Warner.
He’s the newest and youngest member at the shop and a talented tattoo artist. Neglected by his parents his whole life, he’s finally found the family that he’s always wanted at Eye Candy Ink.

He’s happy with his life. He’s got a great job and even better friends. He thinks he’s got everything that he needs...until Darcy walks into the shop.

One look at the shy girl with the kind eyes and the curvy body of a goddess and Atlas is hooked.

Darcy Rose has been through a lot in her life, most of it bad. Her mother abandoned her, she lost both her grandparents in the span of a week, she was bullied all through school, and she had to build her company from the ground up.

Darcy doesn’t trust a good thing. How can she when the voices of her bullies are still ringing in her head asking questions like why would the tattooed hottie who could have any girl he wanted be interested in her?

Now, Atlas just needs to show Darcy that he’s here to stay. 

“Just listen to me right now, okay? Atlas is starved for attention, for someone to love. He hates being on his own. I mean, we both make enough that we could have our own places but he still chooses to live with me. And I don’t mean that he just chose you randomly and that’s why he likes you. I mean that he finally found someone that clicked with him. There’s something about you that just fits with him. I thought you were going to be good for him but you just ended up breaking his heart,” his eyes narrow on me after he says that and shame washes over me. 
“Atlas might come on a little strong, but he means well. I just wish that you would have let him explain. I wish that you would give him a chance.” 
He spins around to leave after that, takes one step, before he comes back to my side. I expect him to say something else, maybe yell at me, and I’m caught off guard when he points to my car, parked off to the side. 
“I might be upset with you for hurting him but Atlas would kill me if I didn’t make sure that you made it to your car okay.”

Eye Candy Ink Book 2 

Love, romance, dating. Mischa Jennings wants no part of any of it.

He’s seen up close and personal how love can ruin your life and he’s vowed to stay far away from the emotion. Armed with a set of rules to keep him safe, he’s been going through life just fine. Then Indie Hearst comes bouncing into Eye Candy Ink and turns his whole world upside down. 

Suddenly, he’s breaking every one of his rules, but it’s okay. He’s not even close to falling for Indie. 


Shaw Hart is a romance author who lives in a constant state of motion, chasing after her two children and three dogs. She is an Air Force wife and a Pinterest addict. She loves crime tv shows, dogs, hiking and yoga. Come check out her books and find your next favorite book boyfriend! 

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