Saturday, April 25, 2020


Silver by AE Gamrat

Series: Love after 40; Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Over 40

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We barely knew each other back then. What kind of chance do we have now?

Twenty years ago, I shared a magical tragic kiss with my secret crush. Silver was every girl's dream -- and I was a socially awkward rich girl. We lived on different sides of town and ran in totally different crowds. When we bumped into each other that fateful night, no words were spoken -- our souls knew who we were to one another. But life rolled on and off to college we both went. Never to see each other again.

Until now.

When Silver steps back into my life unexpectedly, my world stops. His looks have only intensified over the years, and when he says my name "Gin," for the first time again ... I melt.

Is my dream coming to life for the second time?  

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