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✱✱Book Review✱✱ Awen Rising & Awen Storm by O. J. Barré

Awen Rising
A Near-Future Pre-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy
Awen Trilogy Book 1
by O. J. Barré 

Urban Fantasy, Near-Future Sci-Fi, and an Alien Invasion

Kidnapped as a young child by her embittered mother, Emily Hester doesn’t know that she is a druid or that royal blood runs through her veins. Right now, she’s in hiding from a storm-wielding witch, and her career as a disaster specialist is down the drain. Worse, an army of Reptilian aliens lurks inside the planet, and if they find a way out, humanity will perish. It’s up to the druids to stop the Dracos, but to do so, they need Emily, who is still missing after twenty-five years.

When the Awen Order of Druids tracks Emily to California, they must convince her to return to their headquarters in Atlanta and take her place as the next Awen. But her deceased mother taught Emily well. She seldom fights, and her answer to everything is to run away. Untrained and unprepared for what lies ahead, Emily must make a choice—remain alone and on the run, or stand with her new family and likely die in the process.

Awen Rising is the first intriguing book in the Awen trilogy. If you like original stories with imperfect heroines, you’ll love O. J. Barré’s pre-apocalyptic urban fantasy set in a magical world with explosive action, a strong cast of characters, and a fascinating plot.

To be whisked away to the near-future with druids and dragons, and nasty reptilian aliens with technology that rivals ours, buy your copy of Awen Rising today.

Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐

Awen Rising turned out to be one of those books that took some time for me to get into it. to get invested in the story and its characters. The story is complex, and there are a lot of characters, and the book is written in third person, so it can be a bit much. I kind of feel like the number of characters was a mixed bag for this book. The characters were essential but it's a little frustrating trying to keep everyone straight until you get to know them. Fortunately, the characters are well done, and the author has certainly done a good job of bringing them to life. I particularly like the Druid aspect of the story. I find them fascinating, and I just feel like they add so much to this type of book. In the end, I did enjoy the story once I got into it, and I don't want to say too much about the ending, I will say that O. J. Barré has left us with a tidbit to ponder. Of course, this is a trilogy, so I didn't expect everything to be tied up in a neat little bow already.


Awen Storm
A Pre-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy
Awen Trilogy Book 2
by O. J. Barré 

Urban Fantasy, Near-Future Sci-Fi, and an Alien Invasion

In 2042, Reptilian aliens plot to destroy Humanity. The Awen Order of Druids has named Emily Hester as its new leader. Unfortunately, she's no heroine, and her magic needs work. Her long-awaited date with the druid priest has ended in disaster. Now she's stranded on a ledge in Zoo Atlanta with a dragon breathing down her neck.

Worse, the Reptilians are amassing inside the planet. They despise humans. They have no souls. And if they find a way out, our world is doomed. Can Emily escape and seize her magical powers? Or will Earth be left to the mercy of these monsters?

Awen Storm is the second book in the Awen trilogy. If you like original stories with imperfect heroines, you’ll love O. J. Barré’s pre-apocalyptic urban fantasy with engaging characters, intriguing world-building, and a fascinating storyline.

To visit the near-future in which a secret society of druids defends Earth, and reptilian aliens rule the vast world beneath us, buy Awen Storm today.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Like the first, this second book in the Awen Trilogy is well written and complex. There's plenty going on, and a fair amount of characters to keep up with. That's not all that unusual in Urban Fantasy, but it feels like this series has more than the norm for the genre. Fortunately, I have read the first book, so I already know something about our heroine and the Reptilians, so this is where I advise reading Awen Rising first, so you know the key points of the story and what's going on. I love Druid lore, so this trilogy attracted me based on that alone. However, it held me with that and so much more. O. J. Barré has penned a well written, complex Urban Fantasy that's full of rich characters. And the world-building! The world-building is terrific. The author certainly knows her stuff when it comes to painting a scene. It's detailed enough that I could easily close my eyes and see it, but it's not over the top. What it all boils down to is that this is an entertaining book in an entertaining series, and I'm not going to give spoilers, so I'll just sum up by saying this second in the trilogy is exciting, and I'd say anyone who enjoys Urban Fantasy and/or Druid lore would enjoy this series. 

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