Thursday, August 6, 2020

Crow Tour and Giveaway

by Amanda Mackey 
Genre: Dark Romance 


I'm the Grim Reaper 

My face is the last thing my victims see 

I take life without blinking 

Bred this way by the devil himself 

The asshole who raised me 

When the time comes, I'll bury him too 

In the meantime, the little starling feeding the birds in the park has my full attention. 

Raven colored hair 

Disarming eyes that infuse my dead heart with oxygen 

The broken pieces of me want her to put me back together 

But the monster is calling to come out and play. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.... 

Aria: My throat closes and I feel my entire face stretch in surprise as a dark figure steps from the shadows. A gray hoodie is pulled down over his face, revealing only a glimpse. It’s enough to discover a full mouth surrounded by scruff. His jeans and combat boots don’t tell me much about who he is. Snippets of tattoos peak out from under his clothing, imparting a thug-like appearance. If I were someone who judged, I’d have him summed up already, but I know all too well, appearances can be deceiving. 

The air changes. His vibe is one of power. Rigid stance. Confident gait. I feel frazzled. 

I stand and take a deep breath, attempting to pull my newfound anxiety back in. He stops. I’m not sure what to say or do as we both inspect each other, although I can’t be sure he’s watching me as his eyes are cloaked in the shade of his hoodie. It’s something I feel more than I know.

“Hi there,” I begin, attempting to be friendly. 

He does a short, crisp whistle and my newest feathered friend retreats back to the stranger before the giant of a man, leans down and picks up the crow, placing him on his shoulder. 

“Oh. It’s your bird. I didn’t know. I hope you don’t mind me feeding him.”

His body language is cold and standoffish. His hands are pressed against thick thighs. I feel vulnerable, him being able to see my face but me not being able to see his. 

I wait for a response but receive nothing. He simply freezes. 

Beginning to feel more uneasy, I turn and offer a small wave with, “Well, I’ll see you. I need to get to work.”

I hurry away, leaving the other birds on the grass as I turn back once to see him still facing me. Odd man. 

Amanda Mackey was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia when she was 12 years old with her family, where she has lived ever since. She has loved books since an early age and is an avid reader. This has helped lay the foundation for her writing. She's published 7 novels to date with plenty more on the way. An author with Limitless Publishing, she loves to spend time with family when she's not writing or reading.
Amanda hopes to make writing her full time career and travel in the near future. 

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