Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Animal Instincts Tour and Giveaway

Animal Instincts: The Urban Jungle 
by S.L. Jackson 
Genre: Urban Fantasy 

 Animal Instincts: The Urban Jungle is a collection of creative stories based on the lives of animals in an urban underworld jungle. The stories are focused around a family of outlaw rabbits who are fixtures in the criminal activities taking place in the jungle while trying to maintain a balanced life and family structure.
Deceit and mistrust lead the rabbits down a dark rabbit hole of revenge and murder. There are no happily-ever-after's in these stories. Join the Jackson rabbits as they navigate their way through the urban jungle using their Animal Instincts.

Story 1: All Sunny Days Ain’t So Bright 

As the twins played farther and farther away from where their mom had told them not to, the sun was beating down on the Jackson brothers. They were from the toughest, baddest, most dangerous rabbits the jungle had ever seen. Poppa Jackson had made his “bones” doing whatever he could, but due to his ridiculous speed, he was a robber; no one could catch him. Mama Jackson, on the other hand, was a sneaky, yet sweet rabbit who’d do whatever to get the money. There was no telling which parent was the most ruthless. 

Mama and Poppa rabbit had settled on running a speakeasy for the underworld elite called The Bunny Hop House. Out of all the times the parent rabbits had expected kids, the only ones that made it were Leaps and Jumps, and they were their parents’ pride and joy. Leaps was the eldest by only a minute. Jumps was not far behind and that normally set the tone for the rambunctious twins. 

“Leaps, you see that strange bird flying over there? Looks like he’s been following us the whole time.”  

“Well, let’s stop and see if that’s the case,” replied the oldest brother. 

Just as the brothers suspected, the bird had been following them. This bird wasn’t just any regular bird. 

S.L. Jackson, an Urban Fantasy Author, from Inkster, MI, who now resides in metro-Detroit first entered the publishing scene in 2019 with the novella ‘Animal Instincts: The Urban Jungle’. He’s an auto worker, a community activist skilled in the art of urban jungle survival, a podcaster, and a former entertainer and entertainment education provider. You can always find him reading, watching, and listening to interviews, helping others achieve their goals, and busying with anything that challenges his creativity. “Writing is my need to escape,” Jackson says. 

Even though his first novella ‘Animal Instincts: The Urban Jungle’ is considered an Urban Fantasy he prefers not to place himself in a box and stunt the growth of his creativity by limiting himself to one genre. He’s the creator of the hashtag #respecturbanauthors. He’s been nominated for several awards that include Feathered Quill Awards, Ippy/Elit Awards, Top Shelf Magazine Awards, and Top Shelf Book Cover Awards. His podcast “The Connected Experience” is a cultural and lifestyle show. 

Jackson is currently working on a comic book and cartoon series for ‘Animal Instincts: The Urban Jungle’. His plans also include more books, awards, and his books placed in libraries across the world. 

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